Curriculum Management System


The University has engaged the implementation of a curriculum management system to track new and revised program proposals and new and revised course proposals. The curriculum management system is a module of Smart Catalog, so proposals that move through the system can smoothly enter into the next year's academic catalog.   

Curriculum Forms and Workflow

To access the forms and a quick overview to get started, review the Curriculum Management Forms and Quick Start Guide (Lesley faculty and staff only - username and password required). 

To view details on how proposals move through the system, review the Curriculum Management Decision Workflow (Lesley faculty and staff only - username and password required)

Training Materials

For access to training materials for GSOE's Spring 2018 training (all files - Lesley username and password required): 


The initial tracking and documentation of each school's curriculum processes was conducted by the Associate Dean group. 

On-going support of the implementation is conducted by the Smart Catalog Working Group, which meets monthly.