Curriculum Management System


The University has engaged the implementation of a curriculum management system to track new and revised program proposals and new and revised course proposals. The curriculum management system is a module of Smart Catalog, so proposals that move through the system can smoothly enter into the next year's academic catalog.   

Curriculum Forms and Workflow

To access the forms and a quick overview to get started, review the Curriculum Management Forms and Quick Start Guide (Lesley faculty and staff only - username and password required). 

To view details on how proposals move through the system, review the Curriculum Management Decision Workflow (Lesley faculty and staff only - username and password required)

Training Materials

For access to training materials for GSOE's Spring 2018 training (all files - Lesley username and password required): 


Curriculum Management

Each school has a curriculum administrator that supports the curricular processes and can provide support to faculty in navigating that school's curriculum committee processes. Curriculum administrator meet monthly with the Registrar and Provost Office to share practices cross-institutionally.