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Logo Use and Downloads

The master logo is the common thread throughout university communications. It should be your starting point in the creation of all marketing materials. Deliberate, consistent placement of the logo will establish the university’s name and institutional credence without distraction from your message. There are very specific guidelines regarding the use of the master logo.


Lesley logo full color


The logo must be present on all university communications

As the primary graphic identity for the institution, the master logo must appear on all communications, including brochures, stationery, business cards, and the university website.

The logo should be used sparingly

While the logo is important on all communications it is just as important to not overuse it. Repeating the master logo on one piece of communication can diminish its importance and lessen its strength and clarity.

Treat the logo as artwork, not as typography

The master logo is the university’s single most important visual element and should be treated as a graphic icon.

Never manipulate the logo in any way

This rule includes but is not restricted to type, rules, surrounding boxes, shadows, outlines, and embellishments. Do not create secondary (sub) logos to represent a school, college, center, or institute, as this is confusing to audiences and dilutes our goal of creating a common, mutually reinforcing image.

Give the logo its own space

Balance is an essential feature of good design. Graphics, imagery, and text must all be balanced on the page so that each is able to speak clearly. Placing any element too close to the master logo diminishes its importance.

The logo must appear on front cover

Place the master logo on the front cover of all printed promotional materials intended for external audiences (alumni, prospective students, parents, etc.) in the lower right corner. For all printed materials intended for internal audiences, place the master logo on the front cover or the back cover.

Black and Reverse Logos

If reproduction constraints prevent the use of color, use one of the optional black-and-white versions of the logo: all-black or reverse (reverse logo should be used infrequently and must be obtained through University Marketing).

Lesley logo in black and white


Lesley logo on a black field


Logo Usage Examples and Downloads

  • How to use the Logo

    How to properly use the logo: 

    Do use the original electronic files.

    Do give the logo its own space. A clear zone of “L” (L = 1/2 logo height) around the logo will give it the room it needs to stand out.

    Lesley logo with clear zone

    Do keep Lesley University as the primary and only message within the master logo.

    Do make the logo at least 0.375 inches in height in print or 50 pixels in height on screen.

    Do place the logo on clean (preferably white) backgrounds for a powerful and modern look.

    Do place the logo on contrasting values (preferably white).

    Do use the reverse logo on a green color field.

    How NOT to use the logo:

    Don’t redraw or retype the logo. It will be difficult to match the official specifications. Always use the provided download links or contact University Marketing for a copy of the logo.

    Lesley logo retyped- example of what not to do


    Don’t stretch or distort the logo.

    Lesley logo stretched - example of what not to do


    Don’t scale the logo to less than 0.375 inches in height in print or 50 pixels in height on screen.

    Lesley logo too small- example of what not to do


    Don’t add elements to the logo.

    Lesley logo with elements added - example of what not to do
    Lesley logo altered - example of what not to do


    Don’t stack or group the logo with other elements.

    Lesley logo with other content too close - example of what not to do


    Don’t place the logo in a way that groups it too closely with other graphical elements.

    Lesley logo on background that is too dark - example of what not to do


    Don’t place the logo on similar values or outline the logo to help it stand out. In the event the logo is layered over a photo for the purposes of advertising or communications, place the logo in a neutral, uncluttered space on the photograph. Nothing in the background should distract from the master logo.

    Lesley logo poor contrast - example of what not to do


    Don’t use the logo on a green color field.

    Lesley logo poor contrast - example of what not to do
  • Logo Downloads

    To download logo files, click on one of these links, then right-click on the logo and select "Save Image As" to save to your computer for use. 

    Download Full-Color Logo For Print (CMYK)

    Download Full-Color Logo For Web (RGB)

    Download Black and White Logo

  • University Crest

    The Lesley University crest only appears on university diplomas, formal invitations, and ceremonial documents deemed appropriate by the Office of the President. It is not downloadable and may not be used as a graphic element without permission from University Marketing.

    Lesley crest with watermark
  • Spirit Mark

    Lesley University's mascot is the Lynx, and our spirit mark is used for student life and athletics purposes, and is often used on apparel and giveaways. Use of the spirit mark is handled by University Marketing. Please fill out the marketing request form if you need help with the use of this mark. We also have use guidelines you can review to see how the mark is used. 

  • College of Art and Design Sub-brand

    The College of Art and Design maintains a subbrand for use in communications that are exclusive to the college. Before using the mark, please review the guidelines for use

    Download Full Color Sub-brand Mark

    Download Black and White Sub-brand Mark

    To use the white version of the sub-brand mark, please contact University Marketing at marketing@lesley.edu.