Fall 2021 Reopening Plans
We will reopen our campuses for classes, activities, and residential living in Fall 2021. Find the latest information on our Fall 2021 Plan page.

Winter Storm Closing

How to Find out about Potential Snow Closings

  • Information will be on the Lesley University website and the “my start page” tab on myLesley.
  • Information will be on the Lesley University telephone system.
  • Local Boston television stations Channel 4 (WBZ), Channel 5 (WCVB) and Channel 7 (WHDH), Channel 10 (NECN) and Channel 25 (WFXT).
  • Local radio stations 1030AM and 680AM will broadcast the announcement and will post all school closings on their web sites.
  • All employees and students who have opted-in to the Lesley Emergency Alert System, EAS, will be notified of Lesley’s closing by voice, text message and email during the hours of 8am to 9pm seven days a week. Lesley closing announcement alerts made prior to 8am or later than 9pm, will be sent by email or text message only, as provided by registrants to the Lesley EAS. For more information, please refer to the Emergency Alert System home page.

Early Dismissal During a Winter Storm

Attention will be given to the expected intensity of a storm and its duration to determine if an early closing during normal business hours is necessary.

If a closing decision is made during the workday, each school and department is expected to have plans for orderly notification and dismissal of its employees. In the event of a closing, staggered dismissals, especially of employees who have the most difficult commutes (based on distance, storm conditions, and traffic), may be considered in extreme weather conditions.

However, it should be noted that all university services and programs remain open until the time of closing. In some circumstances during inclement weather, an employee may need to leave work early or be absent even though the university officially remains open. Storm intensity by location may vary in certain areas, therefore impacting the commute for some employees and students. In such cases, the respective dean, department head, or director may permit an employee to be absent with the understanding that the absence will be charged against the employee’s existing personal or vacation days. Schools and departments should review their decision-making and communication process as it relates to individual early release.

Cancellation of Off-Campus Classes

Cancellation of off-campus classes is based on local conditions and is handled at the site location. Off-Campus Operations, through the local site coordinators and faculty, will advise students in advance of notification procedures for individual class or site cancellation due to weather emergencies.