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The Cashier is part of the Lesley's Finance Department. The Cashier handles deposits and processes credit card payments for all university departments, and advises departments on how to keep students' credit card information secure.

If your department receives payments (for example, registration fees), you'll need to deposit those payments into your department's account using the following procedures.

  • Cash and Check Deposits

    Follow these steps to deposit any cash or check payments your department receives:

    1. Fill out a Departmental Deposit Slip Form (PDF) with your cash or check deposit. Complete all the information requested on the deposit slip, including the full 10-digit department and expense number (budget code).
    2. For checks, write the budget code on each check face.
    3. Make a photocopy or a list of checks that are in the amount of $500 or more, and copy the back of every check endorsed.
    4. Press down on the endorsement stamp on the back of the check so that Lesley's account number can be clearly read by the bank.
    5. Place check and cash deposits in a secure location and deposit the funds with the cashier in a timely manner.

      Cash Deposits: Hand deliver departmental cash deposits to the Cashier's Office at 815 Somerville Avenue. There is a Cashier mail slot on the first floor, and you can leave deposits there. Do not send cash via interoffice mail.

      Check Deposits: You may send check deposits via interoffice mail; however, if you do so, make copies of the checks for your department as backup.

    Departments should never use cash receipts as petty cash.

  • Credit Card Deposits & Security

    If your department accepts credit card payments, use the Departmental Credit Card Deposit Form (PDF) to make the deposit. Use a separate deposit slip for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
    Any department with students taking courses for credit should take the registration forms and payments to the Registrar's Office. These students will be processed through the Registrar's Office, Student Accounts, and Cash Office. The department will receive credit according to the program even though they are not depositing the money into their department's account.

    Credit Card Processing

    • Keep credit card request forms with credit card numbers separate from any registration form, whether for credit or noncredit, including conferences.
    • If your department deposits credit card payments, you must hand carry those deposits to the Cashier at 815 Somerville Avenue. There is a Cashier mail slot on the first floor, and you can leave deposits there. Do not send credit card deposits via interoffice mail.
    • Virtual Merchant credit card system will process both credit and debit cards.
    • Never ask for the PIN number from someone paying with a debit card or the three digit security numbers on the back of the credit card.
    • Virtual Merchant sends an automatic receipt if the card holder's email is entered.
    • Never print the approval page of the Virtual Merchant credit card system.
    • If a student emails you their credit card information, delete the email immediately and empty your deleted files. Never ask a student to email credit card information.
    • You may accept credit card payments via fax if your fax machine is secured (locked in an office with limited access).
    • After processing, a complete 15-digit credit card number should never be stored in any office or on any PC or MAC within the University.

    Credit Card Security

    Identity theft is real. When student or donor information is stolen, the University may not only have a legal obligation to correct the problem but may also suffer financial loss. Therefore, we are all responsible to protect card holders' information.

    • Cardholder information can be stolen if it is unprotected while printed on paper or stored in a computer. Any credit card information printed on paper and must be kept under lock and key.
    • Any personal and confidential waste, including cardholder information, must be shredded once it is no longer needed.
    • Never use a social security number along with a credit card number.
    • Credit card numbers should never be given out over the phone. If you have to call a student or donor because you have an invalid number, let the student or donor read their credit or debit number to you. Some students or donors may prefer to call you back to verify that they are speaking to a Lesley employee.
    • Credit card law and policy will override Lesley University policy.
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