We welcome students, faculty, and staff from all races, cultures, gender, and sexual identities. Diversity makes our campus stronger; a variety of voices leads to greater understanding and cooperation. A diverse environment also reflects the world outside Lesley, and prepares students for future careers in a global society.

A Commitment to Social Justice

Our community has a history of social activism, and at the heart of our efforts is a commitment to social justice. Celebrating diversity and inclusion makes our community more welcoming. Individuals feel empowered to work to their full potential, and to contribute to building a more just and humane society.

We live out our mission through an Inclusive Excellence Framework (PDF) that underpins our work across the university. In applying this framework, we have identified five dimensions, within which we work to enhance the state of diversity, inclusion and equity:

  • Infrastructure
  • Access & Equity
  • Campus Climate and Inclusion
  • Curriculum & Learning 
  • Diversity in Research & Scholarship

These five dimensions represent baseline institutional priorities for our campus and community, and guide not only our strategic action, but also our assessment and accountability measures.

Download and read: Inclusive Excellence Framework at Lesley University Strategic Action (PDF) for 2017-2018 Academic Year prepared by the Executive Committee of the President’s Committee for Inclusive Excellence (PCIE)

Institutional Action Steps

As we strive to become a more inclusive university, these are some of our current priorities along with areas of active, ongoing investment. 
  • Fall 2017
    • Establishment of President’s Committee for Inclusive Excellence
    • Identification of priority strategic action items for academic year 2017-2018 by President’s Committee for Inclusive Excellence
    • Implementation of social justice education course content and facilitation in all first-year experience conference courses
    • Planning & development of Employee Inclusion Climate Survey for Spring 2018
    • Planning & development of institutional Bias Response Program
  • Summer 2017
    • Creation of High Impact Diversity Initiatives Proposal by Academic Leadership Team
    • Adoption of Inclusive Excellence framework to guide institutional diversity efforts
    • Creation of Anti-Oppression Library Guide and The History Makers database
    • Implementation of Cultural Literacy Curriculum Institute Identification of consultants/trainers to assist with development of social justice education curriculum for first-year experience conference courses
    • Identification of consultants to assist with core faculty recruitment strategy
  • Spring 2017
    • Revision of student course evaluation process to include items on inclusive course content and pedagogy
    • Diversity and social justice themed Faculty Development Day sessions in January and May
    • Implementation of Student Inclusion Climate Survey
    • Creation of Diversity Committee for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Fall 2016
    • Adoption of Diane Goodman Cultural Competencies for curricular integration
    • Implementation of university-wide Introductory Diversity Workshop for faculty and staff
    • Diversity and social justice themed Faculty Development Day in September
  • Summer 2016
    • Creation of Office of Multicultural Affairs & Student Inclusion, including a director
    • Creation and hiring of an assistant director position for Urban Scholars Initiative


These groups collaborate to ensure that work on inclusive excellence is happening across the university.

  • President's Committee on Inclusive Excellence

    The President's Committee on Inclusive Excellence monitors, coordinates, and guides the implementation of Lesley's Inclusive Excellence framework.

  • Task Force on Social Justice in Learning and Teaching

    This task force is charged with developing a plan for infusing the content, concepts, and principles that support social justice into the curriculum and pedagogy of every department.

  • Diversity Council

    The Diversity Council sponsors events to provide experience-changing and thought-provoking forums of cultural, societal, trending, and educational topics that help understand our world in a positive and interconnected way.


We are committed to rooting our academics in principles that foster social justice.
  • Diane Goodman Competencies for Social Justice

    These competencies make up a framework that combines issues of social justice and developing cultural competency. We are working them into the fabric of academics across the university. 

  • Social Justice Curricula Framework
    This curriculum guide helps faculty to scaffold learning goals, outcomes, resources and methods in service of anti-oppressive courses and classrooms. 
  • Faculty Training Sessions
    Across the university, we are investing in our abilities to facilitate difficult conversations across difference.
  • Cultural Literacy Curriculum Institute
    In affiliation with the Diversity Council, the Cultural Literacy Curriculum Institute is designed to enhance the faculty’s knowledge, skills, and ability to teach higher levels of cultural competence and to increase the student’s ability to participate effectively in an ever-increasing global society.


Many offices across the university contribute to this work.
Student-Led Affinity Groups


These documents provide additional insight into how we're making Lesley a more inclusive community.
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