Fall 2021 Reopening Plans
We will reopen our campuses for classes, activities, and residential living in Fall 2021. Find the latest information on our Fall 2021 Plan page.

Facility Rentals

How can we meet your space rental needs?

Whether you are having a board meeting or a birthday or want to find a place to hold recurring events, Lesley University has a variety of spaces available to meet your needs. For more information about pricing, review our Cost Sheet (PDF).

If you are interested in renting space, please fill out our inquiry form.

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Conferences & Trainings

Our classrooms and conference rooms contain moveable, reconfigurable furniture and are well suited to discussions, lectures and meetings for groups ranging in size from 8 to 100 people.

Read more about our classrooms and conference rooms.

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Auditoriums and Meeting Halls

Our auditoriums and meeting halls suit a number of uses and group sizes, ranging from 50 to 440 people.

Read more about our auditoriums and meeting halls.

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Multi-Day & Multi-Room Events

Holding an international conference?  Teaching a weekly course?  Whatever your needs, we will work with you to meet your special or ongoing needs. 

Read more about our locations for multi-room events.

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Outdoor Venues

Beautiful outdoor venues are available for groups ranging from 150 to 350 people.

Read more about our outdoor venues.

Rental Policies

People who rent Lesley facilities are bound by several university policies ranging from the use of alcohol to the sale of goods. Room set-ups, audio-visual equipment, parking, and room prioritization policies are included as well.

  • General Renting Policies

    University policy dictating the order of priority for room assignments is as follows:

    • First priority goes to academic courses and annual events on the academic calendar,
    • Second priority to Lesley University sponsored events,
    • Third priority to outside organizations renting Lesley space.

    Within this prioritization process, rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Put in your request as soon as your needs are known since once courses are assigned, the event requests will be filled in the order they were received.

  • Scheduling Timeline

    To accommodate our academic course schedules and events, outside reservation requests will be approved according to this timeline, which we reserve the right to alter:

    • All room reservation requests must be received at least 2 weeks in advance of an event
    • Fall (Sept. 1–Dec. 31) room reservations may be requested July 27
    • January and Spring (Jan. 1–May 31) room reservations may be requested December 21
    • Summer (June 1–Aug. 31) room reservations may be requested April 27
  • Policy for Admission Charges/Sale of Goods

    The Organization shall not charge admission fees at the door and may not sell or offer for sale goods or services in the Space without the prior written permission of the Office of Administration; Attn: Matt Brownell, 29 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

    This includes both Lesley-sponsored events and those run by outside organizations. However, special charges are allowed for conferences and workshops where speakers' fees and other expenses must be covered, but must be approved by the Vice President of Finance and/or the Vice President of Administration. Any fees approved must be collected through pre-registration; money may not be collected at the door.

  • Room Set-Up

    The tables and chairs in the Space are permanent to that room, but may be arranged to suit the Organization's reasonable needs so long as the Organization gives at least (1) one week written notice to the Office of Administration; Attn: Matt Brownell, 29 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. The University cannot guarantee the availability of additional tables/chairs for your event. There are limited amounts of excess furniture. It will be the responsibility of the Organization to rent additional tables/chairs required for said event. The University will take great strides in accommodating your needs; however we cannot guarantee we will have the excess furniture available for use.

  • Audio-Visual Equipment

    Use of the Space entitles the Organization to use the classroom technology (projector and screen) in the Space. No other equipment is included in the basic Rental Fee. For additional technology support services, there will be associated fees.  Coordination and planning of such services will need to be conducted two weeks in advance of the event.  Your event coordinator will assist with your technology needs.

  • Parking

    Use of the Space does not entitle the Organization or its attendees to parking privileges anywhere on the Lesley University campus. Parking is not available on the Lesley campus to the Organization or its attendees before, during or after the event unless specifically arranged and approved in advance.

  • Alcohol

    There shall be no alcohol served, sold, or consumed in the Space, without the prior written consent of Lesley University. Such permission may be granted only if the Organization obtains all required permits or other authorizations, and if the Organization's caterer obtains insurance satisfactory to Lesley University.

  • Internet Access for Visitors & Guests

    If you are a Lesley University guest, you must coordinate your wireless access with the Office of Facility Rentals to issue a temporary user name. Once an account has been issued, the guest will still need to configure his or her computer to access the wireless network. See more information on Information Technology's Wireless Network Information

  • Entertainment License

    For those events open to the public and require ticket sales at the door, you must obtain a One Day Entertainment License through the City of Cambridge.

  • Cancellation

    Upon signing a contract to reserve space, Lesley University will refund any cancellation up to 80% of the rental fee.  However, if the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled event, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

  • Space Availability

    Space availability will be determined once the Facility Rental Form is submitted.

Facility Rentals