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Facility Rentals

Renting space for your event on the Lesley campus

Whether you are having a board meeting or a birthday or want to find a place to hold recurring events, at Lesley University—located in the heart of dynamic Cambridge, MA—we have a variety of spaces to meet your needs.

If you're interested in renting space, please fill out our inquiry form or email facilityrentals@lesley.edu.

Types of Meeting Space

  • Classrooms and Conference Rooms
    Perfect for workshops and training, our classrooms and conference rooms have moveable, reconfigurable furniture and are well suited to discussions, lectures, and meetings. All classrooms have AV technology including projection, projection input, and network jacks. You may request additional technology.
  • Auditoriums and Meeting Halls
    Our auditoriums and meeting halls suit a number of uses and group sizes, ranging from 50 to 440 people.
  • Multi-Day & Multi-Room Events
    Holding an international conference? Teaching a weekly course? We'll work with you to meet your special or ongoing needs. Match your vision with one of our three unique locations—South Campus near Harvard Square, Porter Campus near Porter Square, and Doble Campus between the two.
  • Outdoor Venues
    Beautiful outdoor venues are available for groups ranging from 150 to 350 people.
students walking on south campus
South Campus, near Harvard Square

Rental Rates and Policies

People who rent Lesley facilities must follow several University policies ranging from alcohol use to the sale of goods. We've also included policies on room set-ups, audio-visual equipment, parking, and room prioritization.

  • Facility Rental Rates

    Costs Effective July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

    Room Type by Location Approximate Capacity With Tables  Approximate Capacity Without Tables


    (0-4 hours) 

    Full Day (4-10 hours)
    Classroom I 1-20 N/A $250 $350
    Classroom II 21-50 N/A $325 $425
    Classroom III 51+ N/A $400 $525
    SOUTH CAMPUS        
    Chapel 100 175 $550 $775
    Sherrill Hall Atrium*        
    Tyler Room 50 75 $325 $450
    Washburn Auditorium 150 350 $625 $825
    Washburn Café 175 N/A $625 $825
    Washburn Lounge 50 75 $325 $450
    Washburn Café and Lounge 250 N/A $850 $950
    DOBLE CAMPUS        
    Alumni Hall 75 150 $375 $525
    Marran Gallery  N/A 75 $300 $425
    Marran Theatre N/A 189 $625 $825
    Student Center 1st Floor* 68 200 $375 $575
    Student Center 2nd Floor* 54 100 $275 $475
    PORTER CAMPUS        
    Lunder Arts Commons* 60 120 $350 $550
    Lunder Atrium* 90 180 $325 $525
    Lunder Arts Commons & Atrium* 90 180 $650 $1025
    Lunder Screening Room N/A 35 $325 $450
    University Hall Amphitheater N/A 175 $625 $825
    University Hall Atrium* 55 110 $275 $475
    University Hall Commons* 70 130 $375 $475
    University Hall Screening Room N/A 144 $525 $725
    Porter Café* 50 85 $275 $425
    OUTDOOR SPACES        
    South Lawn Quad N/A 300 $450 $650
    South Garden N/A 150 $275 $475
    Sherrill Plaza (South Campus) N/A 150 $275 $475
    Doble Amphitheater* N/A 350 $275 $475

    *Limited Availability

    Notes on additional fees or discounts

    1. Additional set-up fees may apply.
    2. Specific requests may incur additional costs.
    3. Rental fees on multiple event spaces and multiple days may be eligible for a discount.
    4. Qualified nonprofit events may be eligible for a discount.
  • Audio-Visual Equipment Rates

    We offer industry-standard audio-visual technology for your event and we can provide you with consultations and training services in advance. The cost to access the technology and support varies, depending on the location and your needs.

    Use of the Space entitles the Organization to use the technology (such as projector and screen) in the Space. No other equipment is included in the basic rental fee. There are fees for additional technology and support services. Please coordinate and plan such services at least two weeks prior to your event.

    Basic Installed Audio-Visual Package

    • No additional charge
    • For classroom types I, II, or III

    Self-service use of audio-visual equipment can be installed in rooms at no charge. This package includes the use of the installed video projection, house sound equipment, and the podium microphone and screen that is available in many rooms. Some rooms cannot accommodate self-service and require an advanced package, instructional video, or documentation.

    The Basic Installed Package includes the use of:

    • Installed equipment available for self-service use, such as video projection and projection screen (self setup)
    • Classrooms that are small and do not require voice amplification

    Portable PA systems are available as part of our Intermediate Audio-Visual Package.

    Intermediate Audio-Visual Package

    • $350
    • For outdoor spaces and common areas

    This package is for events that require intermediate or mid-range audio-visual equipment and multiple microphones. Our staff will identify and inform you of existing technical limitations, if any, as you plan your event. We can provide a 60-minute orientation if you request it in advance of your event.

    The Intermediate Package includes access to:

    • Panel/Table Microphone stands
    • Standing Microphones stands
    • Mixer
    • Up to 2 PA Speakers with 2 wireless microphones
    • Up to 1 hour of consultation and training services
    • Portable PA systems are available as part of our Intermediate Audio-Visual Package

    Advanced Package

    • $450
    • For large venue spaces

    This package is for large spaces—such as amphitheaters, auditoriums, screening rooms, or theaters— that have complicated and expensive equipment. This equipment requires specialized training or setup, even for a simple event.

    The Advanced Package includes access to:

    • House sound
    • Video projection with screen
    • Podium microphone (for house sound systems where applicable)
    • Wireless microphones (for house sound systems where applicable)
    • Wired microphones (for house sound systems where applicable)
    • Microphone stands
    • Up to 1 hour of consultation and training services


    The number of microphones depends on the space, as they are programmed to the house sound system.

    A La Carte Rentals

    We require at least one week's advance notice for this equipment or support.

    Equipment or Support Cost
    Laptop Rental $200 per unit, per day
    Portable Projector $150 per unit, per day
    Power PA Speaker $50 per unit, per day
    Document Camera $20 per unit, per day
    Mac Adapters $10 per unit, per day
    VGA or HDMI Cable $10 per unit, per day
    Microphone Stands $10 per unit, per day
    Presentation Clicker $10 per unit, per day
    Portable Screen $50 per unit, per day

    Basic Wireless Internet Access

    20 users at 5/10 MPs up/down; more advanced internet options require a consultation and quote

    Network Infrastructure Consultation $100 per hour (2 hours maximum)
    Dedicated Technician

    Lesley University contracts with a third-party service provider for these resources. The vendor will provide a quote.

    Vendor market rate
  • General Renting Policies

    University policy on the prioritization of room assignments:

    • First priority goes to academic courses and annual events on the academic calendar
    • The second priority goes to Lesley University-sponsored events
    • The third priority goes to outside organizations renting Lesley space

    Within this prioritization process, we reserve rooms on a first-come, first-served basis. Put in your request as soon as you know what you need. Once we assign rooms for our courses, we will fill event requests in the order they were received.

  • Scheduling Timeline

    To accommodate our academic course schedules and events, we will approve outside reservation requests according to this timeline, which we reserve the right to alter:

    • We must receive your room reservation request at least 2 weeks in advance of your event
    • Fall 2023 (September 1 - December 31, 2023) may be requested on July 24, 2023
    • Spring 2024 (January 1 - May 31, 2024) may be requested on November 13, 2023
    • Summer 2024 (June 1 - August 31, 2024) may be requested on April 1, 2024
    • Fall 2024 (September 1 - December 31, 2024) may be requested on July 22, 2024
  • Policy for Admission Charges/Sale of Goods

    Organizations may not charge admission fees at the door and may not sell or offer for sale goods or services in the Space without the prior notice of the Office of Events, facilityrentals@lesley.edu.

    This includes Lesley-sponsored events and events run by outside organizations. However, special charges are allowed for conferences and workshops where speakers' fees and expenses must be covered. Special charges must be approved by the Director of Finance. Any fees approved must be collected through preregistration. Money may not be collected at the door.

  • Room Set-Up

    The furniture and equipment in the Space are permanent to that room, but an Organization may arrange them to suit their reasonable needs so long as the Organization gives at least three weeks' notice to the Office of Events, facilityrentals@lesley.edu.

    Three weeks’ notice is required for any additional furniture or equipment that may be required for the event as well.  Approval and arrangements for delivery and pick-up of any additional furniture or equipment will be made through the Office of Events.  There is limited excess furniture and the University cannot guarantee the availability of additional items. So, it will be the Organization's responsibility to rent additional tables/chairs, should they be required.

  • Parking

    Use of the Space does not entitle the Organization or its attendees to parking privileges anywhere on the Lesley University campus. Parking is not available on the Lesley campus to the Organization or its attendees before, during, or after the event unless specifically arranged and approved in advance.

  • Alcohol

    There shall be no alcohol served, sold, or consumed in the Space, without the prior written consent of Lesley University. Such permission may be granted only if the Organization obtains all required permits or other authorizations, and if the Organization's caterer obtains insurance satisfactory to Lesley University.

  • Internet Access for Visitors & Guests

    If you are a Lesley University guest, you must coordinate your wireless access with the Facility Rentals Office to issue a temporary user name. Once an account has been issued, the guest will need to configure their computer to access the wireless network. Learn more about our Wireless Network.

  • Entertainment License

    For those events open to the public and require ticket sales at the door, you must obtain a One Day Entertainment License through the City of Cambridge.

  • Cancellation

    Lesley University will refund any cancellation in the amount of 65% of the initial rental fee if the event is cancelled between the time of signing this Agreement and 72 business hours before the scheduled event (a 35% cancellation fee).  If the reservation is cancelled within 72 business hours before the scheduled event, an 80% cancellation fee will be due, calculated on all estimated charges, including the initial rental fee, any additional rental fees, and the event order estimates (which includes food, beverages, audio or visual needs, and other miscellaneous charges).  If the initial rental fee paid by the Organization is less than the amount of the 80% cancellation fee, the Organization will immediately pay the difference to Lesley University.  Lesley University reserves the right to terminate this Agreement for breach by the Organization, its participants, attendees, or invitees, or for violations of Lesley University’s rules or policies.  The Organization waives any claim for damage, whether direct, consequential, or otherwise, should the Agreement be so terminated.  In the event that any Space covered by this Agreement is destroyed, substantially damaged by fire, wind, water, or rendered unusable by other “Acts of God” beyond Lesley’s control, or in the event that other circumstances (including a public health reason) render fulfillment of this Agreement impractical or impossible prior to the Time of Use (an “Unforeseen Event”), Lesley will promptly notify and return to the Organization any previously received funds up to 80% of the rental fee, whereupon this Agreement will be terminated.  If any such Unforeseen Event occurs after the Time of Use begins, the Organization will be obligated only to pay the fees for the Space that has been provided up to the occurrence of the Unforeseen Event, and upon Lesley’s receipt of such payment this Agreement will be terminated.  The Organization hereby waives any claim for damages or compensation resulting from the termination or curtailment of the term of this Agreement by reason of an Unforeseen Event.

  • Space Availability

    We will determine Space availability once the Organization submits the Facility Rental Form.

Facility Rentals