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Ready to become a Lynx? We are confident you have made the right choice to join our community of future teachers, counselors, social workers, artists, writers, business and liberal arts leaders, and change agents.
janet steinmayer addressing commencment, wide angle
graduates pose for a selfie
Students pose on the waterfront
Decorated Lesley graduate cap
Lesley graduate celebrating
Lesley graduate waiting in line to be seated.
Lesley graduate walking to the stage.
Lesley graduate smiling at the camera.

Commencement 2024!

Preview ceremony traditions and the schedule of events ahead of Commencement.

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A Hub for Creativity

At Lesley, creativity is the starting point of everything we do. In fact, nearly half of all students and faculty are engaged in the arts.
"Because you end up learning even more on the job, the internship program at Lesley was crucial for nurturing my career path.”
Chrissy Kurpeski ’05, BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration