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Ready to become a Lynx? We are confident you have made the right choice to join our community of future teachers, counselors, social workers, artists, writers, business and liberal arts leaders, and change agents.

At the Intercultural Affairs Office, we are passionate about fostering a campus community that values the individual and collective success of Lesley University community members. Together with our campus partners, we provide educational opportunities for students and employees on matters related to race, cultural diversity, and inclusion.

Our mission is to reinforce a culture of collaboration, coalition building, and shared mission around social justice, and to support students and employees of color and with marginalized identities throughout their Lesley experience. We do this by establishing programs and opportunities for dialogue on critical social issues, such as racism, homophobia, poverty, and oppression.

We also create spaces for community conversations in response to local, regional, and national events where those of marginalized identities are directly, or indirectly, harmed as a result of discrimination or bias.

Our office at 29 Mellen Street, Room 103 is an inviting place for all students.

Our Programs

Ranging from diversity dialogues and lecture series to community breakfasts and summer transition experiences, our programs help students develop the capacity to be effective leaders in a diverse society. In them, we incorporate cultural competencies vital to engaging others across differences, including:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Understanding & Valuing Others
  3. Knowledge of Societal Inequities
  4. Skills for Interacting in Diverse Environments
  5. Skills for Fostering Inclusion

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