Fall 2021 Reopening Plans
We will reopen our campuses for classes, activities, and residential living in Fall 2021. Find the latest information on our Fall 2021 Plan page.

The Provost serves as Chief Academic Officer for Lesley University to ensure that our academic programs meet high standards for quality. The Provost and all members of the Provost Office team work collaboratively across the university with faculty, academic deans, budget officers, program directors, advisors, admissions counselors, alumni, and current students.

The Provost’s Office area includes the following student- and faculty-serving offices:

Jonathan Jefferson, Interim Provost

Jonathan Jefferson, Chief Academic Officer and Provost

Lisa Ijiri

Lisa Ijiri, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Read about Dr. Ijiri.

Email: lijiri@lesley.edu    Phone: 617.349.8706

Diana Direiter

Diana Direiter, Dean of Faculty

Zineb Benjelloun Headshot

Zineb Benjelloun, Director of Academic Budgeting and Analysis, Graduate School of Education and Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences

Email: zbenjell@lesley.edu    Phone: 617.349.8931

Ellen Jackson Headshot

Ellen Jackson, Project Director, Adjunct Faculty Affairs and Center for Teaching Learning and Scholarship (CTLS)

Ellen supports all the departments across the university to recruit, hire and train adjunct faculty. She works with the Dean of Faculty to provide faculty development through the Center for Teaching, Learning and Scholarship. Ellen also co-chairs Community of Scholars.

Email: ejackson@lesley.edu    Phone: 617.349.8207

Randi Korn Headshot

Randi Korn, Assistant Provost for Academic Success

Randi has 20 years of experience addressing areas of student success. She enjoys using Design Thinking to assess, strategize and develop new processes and activities to improve the outcomes of all students at Lesley University. A special area of research and interest is first-generation, low-income and underprepared students.

Email: rkorn@lesley.edu    Phone: 617.349.8596

Eileen Kronauer Headshot

Eileen Kronauer, Grants Officer

Eileen has over 15 years of experience working in grants management. She puts faculty at ease while exploring, applying for, and managing external grant funding to support their research and academic programs.

Email: eileen.kronauer@lesley.edu    Phone: 617.349.8991


Sheryl Lewis

Sheryl Lewis, Director of Systems for Organizational Effectiveness

Email:  slewis10@lesley.edu    Phone:  617.349.8287

Lisa O'Neill Headshot

Lisa O'Neill, Special Assistant to the Provost

Lisa is responsible for operations within the Provost's Office and special projects usually involving systems. She enjoys defying the law of entropy. A Lesley graduate, Lisa loves working in a culture that values relationship, community, and social justice. 

Email:  loneill6@lesley.edu    Phone:  617-349-8517


Linda Pursley

Linda Pursley, Director of Assessment

For 15 years Linda has supported faculty and staff in assessing the impact of curriculum and services on student learning at Lesley. She is enthusiastic about assessment and aims for it to be systemic, systematic, and sustainable.

Email: linda.pursley@lesley.edu    Phone: 617.349.8563


Jen Serowick

Jen Serowick, Associate Provost for Coordinated Student Success

Jen oversees Lesley’s programs and services geared towards adult learners.  She's passionate about creating pathways and eliminating barriers for adults to finish their bachelor’s degrees and pursue whatever they dream of for their lives.

Email Jen: serowick@lesley.edu | Phone: 617.349.8651

Alex Wagner Headshot

Alex Wagner, Director of Institutional Research

Alex leads the implementation of data-informed decision making.  He is a passionate advocate for using analytics to drive student success by providing insights for informed decisions about complex issues.

Email: alex.wagner@lesley.edu    Phone: 617.349.8509



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