Academic Technology Innovation Grants

To support the effectiveness of using technology in teaching, learning and scholarship, the University sets aside dedicated funding each year to support faculty who are integrating innovative technology into their academic work.

The intent of the grant program is to:

  • Develop new approaches to teaching, learning or scholarship using emerging technologies and tools that will enhance the educational experience of Lesley students.
  • Promote innovation and experimentation with new tools and technologies.
  • Support exploration of new trends for using technology within a field of study or course delivery format.

Funding is awarded to projects that bring new, innovative instructional and scholarly approaches to the use of technology that will impact students within an academic program at Lesley University.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to develop proposals that further their own professional development in using technology while also strengthening student learning outcomes via the new technologies or new uses for existing technology. Faculty who have never received technology funds and faculty collaborating with one another are especially encouraged to consider developing a project.

  • Successful Grant Proposals

    A successful grant proposal will clearly describe:

    • Synopsis of the project and any internal or external collaborators if relevant.
    • Significance of the project to a course, a program of study, a School or scholarly pursuit, including citations or examples from the field as appropriate.
    • Relevance of the project to the current work and mission of the University.
    • Clearly describe project goals and expected outcomes.
    • Defined area of need that this grant will address.
    • Provide evidence of backing by program chair or School Dean. If this a collaborative project and the applicants work in different programs and/or schools, acknowledgement of support is still required from each respective Director.
    • Detailed budget, including a narrative documenting how the award will allocate within the project and documentation of any expected matching funds.

    The committee reserves the right to revise budgets as necessary, request evidence of benchmarking rates for services or outside consulting against market rates.

    The grant cannot be used to purchase tools or resources considered standard within a program or that are widely available. Examples of technology that will not be funded include: Desktop computers, laptops, tablets (iPads), digital cameras, headset microphones, required software for a field of study or methodology, etc. These resources are to be purchased by schools or programs of study as appropriate.

  • Sharing Outcomes

    By applying to the grant program, applicants agree to share the outcome of their grant projects to the Lesley University community during the academic year following their project.

  • Sabbaticals

    If applicants apply for technology grant money while on sabbatical, a carefully documented case of need in excess of the sabbatical award must be made.

  • Eligibility

    All contracted core or adjunct faculty may apply with the support of their Program Director. Preference will be given to those who have not received an Academic Technology Innovation Grant in the past two years.

  • Submission Information

    Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Proposals are reviewed by the Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee (TL Tech), which meets monthly during the academic year.

    Please download the Grant Application. Fill out the form, including synopsis, rationale, learning objectives/goals, detailed budget and supervisor approval. Once the form has been completed, forward it to your Program Director or Dean for approval.

    If your Program Director or Dean approves, they should then forward the document to: The forwarding of this form to Tech.Grant will serve as their electronic signature and approval of your application.

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