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Our leadership team members are committed to the success of every student. They make sure our academic programs meet high standards, so that students, families, and employers value a Lesley degree. They work to keep costs down, so that tuition goes further. They’re dedicated to an open and diverse campus, so that everyone feels welcome.

It takes a lot of talented people to lead a university. If you’re wondering who’s in charge of what, here’s the breakdown:

Board of Trustees

As a nonprofit institution, Lesley University is governed by a Board of Trustees that meets four times a year. The trustees make decisions about academics, budgets and finances, and campus policies. They also plan for the future.


The president reports to the Board of Trustees and oversees all areas of the university and its administration. She also represents us to the larger community.

Senior Staff

The senior staff includes the provost (the chief academic officer), deans, vice presidents and other leaders who are critical to our academic and operational success.

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Janet L. Steinmayer, President

President Steinmayer brings a wealth of experience in higher education and in business.

Lesley University Cabinet
Meet the people who keep things running smoothly. They’re friendly and approachable, and you’ll see them around campus.
Board of Trustees 2023-2024
Our trustees draw on their experiences in a range of professions and industries. They oversee the university’s finances, governance, and the conferring of degrees and diplomas.
Lesley University Presidents