Let’s make it official
Ready to become a Lynx? We are confident you have made the right choice to join our community of future teachers, counselors, social workers, artists, writers, business and liberal arts leaders, and change agents.

Training Education and Development (TED) at Lesley creates spaces and experiences that invite transformation and growth and the value of community. The training offerings provided from the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Justice (EDIJ) office lean on the value of cross-cultural connection, understanding, and appreciation. We offer impactful opportunities that enhance the capacity of all members of the Lesley University community to expand on and affirm the intrinsic value of difference. Together with our campus partners, we provide educational offerings for students and employees that inform on the histories and current realities of oppression and the myriad of ways to advance inclusion and equity at all levels.  

Core to the mission of the EDIJ office is to reinforce a culture of collaboration, coalition building, and shared mission around social justice, and to support students and employees of color and with marginalized identities throughout their Lesley experience. We do this by establishing programs and opportunities for dialogue on critical social issues, such as racism, homophobia, poverty, and oppression. 

We also create emergent spaces for community dialogue in response to local, regional, and national events. In such cases where those of historically and currently excluded identities are directly or indirectly harmed because of discrimination, bias, or systemic oppression, we value the need to process and receive the support community. 

Our Offerings 

TED provides programming in many formats throughout the year ranging from training series, dialogues, and speaker events. All of our programs are structured to support the campus community to develop the capacity to be effective leaders in a diverse society. 

To see a complete list of upcoming training events, please check out our monthly EDIJ newsletter. To review training materials, please visit our TED SharePoint site.