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Grants and Sponsored Projects


The Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects is responsible for reviewing, submitting, and accepting external funding for special projects, research, training, or technical assistance.


We contribute to the academic mission of Lesley by helping to obtain funds for sponsored programs and to assist in the management of those projects. The role of the Grant Officer is to facilitate the grant process by assisting faculty and staff with researching potential funding sources, submitting grant requests, research and anything else related to the process. 

In support of these goals, the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects offers the following services.

Grant Officer Eileen Kronauer at or 617.349.8991.

Assist in identifying sponsors for university research and other projects

  • Meet with faculty to discuss projects, with faculty providing a brief description of each project, including amount of funding needed, and project timeline

  • Conduct individualized funding searches

  • Provide faculty with individual notices of funding opportunities
  • Train faculty, staff, or students to research funding sources using various databases

Support in proposal development

  • Serve as a liaison to sponsors
  • Assist in writing, edits, and reviewing proposals
  • Schedule meetings to review progress

Oversee approval routing process

  • The Grant Officer has primary oversight responsibilities for the timely review of proposals submitted on behalf of Lesley

2020 Grants Awarded

  • Remembering the 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    The Gravestar Foundation awarded Lesley a $5,000 grant to create an exhibition and dedication in memory of those who were affected by the bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The exhibition will include a visual exhibition of atomic bombing footage and a series of mounted posters which have been donated by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

2019 Grants Awarded

  • Porter Square Wall Art Project

    A grant of $1,000 from the Japan Foundation provided support to bring Japanese artist, Kaz Omori to Lesley University to facilitate the creation of a live public wall art in March 2019.  Mr. Omori provided local high school with Artists for Humanity in Boston and Lesley students an opportunity to further nurture their understanding of Japanese arts and culture by working together to create a public wall art at the Porter Square campus. The theme of the colorful design is Diversity. Associate Professor Kazuyo Kuba of Sociology coordinated the project.

  • Math Circle

    The Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation awarded Lesley’s Math Circle $5,000 to offer middle school girls an opportunity to expand their understanding of what math is and can be. Math Circle is an after-school program held at Lesley for middle school girls from Somerville and Cambridge. The girls explore basic spherical geometry, bases and computer digital imagery; number theory puzzles; cryptography; deductive reasoning puzzles; and the mathematics of origami and paper folding. The program also explores mathematics in both art and music as well as analyzing the mathematics behind various games. Math Circle offers two consecutive sessions of six weeks each during the academic year on Friday afternoons at Lesley University Porter Square campus. The program is directed and taught by Dr. Kate Hendrix along with support from the Center for Mathematics Achievement’s faculty and staff, and Lesley students majoring in math and education. Approximately 20 girls attend each session.

  • Davis Educational Foundation

    In December 2019, Lesley received a grant of $193,349 from the Davis Educational Foundation to transform Lesley’s general education program for the students in our two undergraduate schools, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Art and Design. The project, entitled: An Outcome-Based General Education Curriculum to Enhance Student Engagement, Access, and Assessment, will involve a shift from a distribution model to one centered on a unique set of student learning outcomes. The transformation of our general education program will provide students with opportunities to synthesize and reflect on learning; apply knowledge and skills across disciplines; address complex problems with practical relevance, and appreciate the purpose and relevance of general education. This more holistic, intentional, and flexible approach to general education will not only enhance students’ preparation for a wide range of careers but also contain tuition costs by motivating them to engage in proactive academic planning and persist to graduation.

Grant Proposal Submission Process

The following guidelines will promote conversations to encourage the development of research projects as they relate to teaching, scholarship, creative activities and/or service goals of Lesley University and how to prepare and submit a proposal for external funding through the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects.

  • Discussion with Department Chair

    A faculty who has an idea for a project which requires external funding, should meet with the department chair to review and discuss the project and its relevancy to the faculty’s work, the department, and the University.

  • Seek Dean Approval 

    Following the meeting with the Department Chair, the faculty member is required to meet with the Department Dean to discuss the project and seek initial approval to confirm that the project is a department priority and that the timing of the project is manageable.

  • Contact Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects

    Once the faculty’s project has received initial approval from the Department Chair and Dean to move forward, the faculty shall contact the Grant Officer, Eileen Maher Kronauer at to begin identifying funding sources or applying for a particular funding opportunity. The Principal Investigator shall send the Grant Officer a brief project description, the amount of money needed, and information on any identified funding source(s). After the Grant Officer has reviewed the information, the Grant Officer will contact the Principal Investigator for a meeting (preferable in person) to discuss the project and the grant process to identify funders and prepare and submit an application.

  • Preliminary Grant Approval Process

    Following an initial meeting between the Principal Investigator and the Grant Officer, and it has been determined that the proposal can be completed in a timely fashion, the next step is for the Grant Officer to initiate a Preliminary Grant Approval form (though Dynamic Forms) along with a 1-page project summary and preliminary budget. The Preliminary Approval form is sent by the Grant Officer to the Principal Investigator for signature. After the form has been signed by the Principal Investigator, it is forwarded to the Dean, and finally to the Provost for approval. This should be completed at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to the application deadline.

  • Identify Project Team

    The Principal Investigator will be responsible for identifying the project team, consisting of up to four Co-Principal Investigators as the leadership team as well as invite other faculty and staff to participate in the project, if appropriate. All members must commit to preparing the proposal on time. 

  • Proposal & Budget Development

    The Principal Investigator will schedule a meeting with project participants and the Grant Officer to review the guidelines, discuss the project, assign responsible to team members to help write the proposal, and create a time line. The Principal Investigator is responsible for writing the intellectual content of the proposal with input from the project team. Frequent team meetings are crucial to developing a competitive proposal on time. The Principal Investigator may request the Grant Officer’s help in preparing an outline of the grant. The Grant Officer will be responsible for completing any application forms and collecting attachments, reviewing/editing drafts, and submitting the final proposal. The Grant Officer will help to facility the team meetings to ensure that the proposal remains on track and will request updates from team members at each meeting to keep the project on schedule. The Principal Investigator and Dean will initiate the budget preparation. If the funder requires matching funds, the Principal Investigator or Dean would discuss Lesley’s contribution with the Provost.

  • Final Grant Review Process

    After the proposal receives preliminary approval, a final review is required by the Dean, Provost, and Finance Office at least 2 weeks prior to the grant deadline. The Grant Officer will initiate the final approval form through Dynamic Forms, that is to be accompanied by the final proposal summary, budget, and budget justification. Once the final approval form has been signed, the Grant Officer and the Principal Investigator can together submit the proposal to the funder. Proposals are not to be submitted without the final approval sign off. The Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects will keep the signed approval form on file.

  • Submission

    Once the Grant Officer has been notified that the proposal and budget have received final approval, the proposal can be submitted. The Grant Officer will receive notification of approval or denial and notify the Principal Investigator, team members, Dean, and Provost of the decision.

  • Post Grant Process

    When a grant has been awarded to Lesley, the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects Grant Officer receives a notice from the funders about the award. The Grant Officer notifies the Principal Investigator, Dean, Provost, the Manager of Budgets and Operations (in the Dean’s office), and the Finance Office of the award and forwards a copy of the announcement and contract to them. The Grant Officer collaborates with the Principal Investigator to review the award letter and begins routing the Grant Acceptance Checklist.

    The Manager of Budgets and Operations reviews the award document or contract to identify any modifications to the budget and prepare any additional contract documents. Finance also receives the completed grant agreement contract from the Grants Officer, reviews, and executes contract, if needed. The Grant Officer obtains any required signatures on the contract and returns it to the funder. The Principal Investigator and Grants Officer collaborate to create a project timeline and work plan. Once completed, the Manager of Budgets and Operations integrates the work plan into the school’s existing administrative systems, completes, and submits an Account Request Form to Finance who will create an account in Colleague, (Lesley’s system). Award Management: The Grants Officer will ensure that the project timelines are met and that all reporting requirements are submitted.

    Principal Investigators Responsibilities

    • Review award letter/contract
    • Collaborate with Grant Officer to begin Grant Acceptance Checklist
    • Create a project timeline with Grant Officer
    • Meet with Manager of Budgets and Operations to review award and create work plan
    • Financial management of grant
    • Progress Reports
    • Progress Reports Communicate with Grant Officer, Manager of Budgets and Operations, and Dean
  • Grant Policies and Procedures

Grant Resources

Foundation Directory Online Contact the Grant Officer for the login and password.

Grantmakers Search for funders by entering key words or the foundation’s by name.

H-Net Services (Humanities and Social Sciences Services Online) Lists calls for papers, publications; conferences; digital resources, workshops, journals, fellowships, grants, symposiums, lectures, summer programs, prizes and more for humanities and social sciences.

Duke University’s funding database is available to the public.

Federal Grants Searching for federal RFPs and abstracts of grants submitted.

National Science Foundation

National Institute of Health

Dept of Health & Human Services


Massachusetts Dept of Education

City of Boston Funding Opportunities 

For questions and more information, contact Grant Officer Eileen Kronauer at or 617.349.8991