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Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

The Dean of Faculty works closely with the Provost, the Faculty Life and Development Committee, and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Advisory Board to establish professional learning opportunities and scholarship support for all faculty. This includes support for teaching and scholarship through ongoing workshops, activities, consultations, and resource-sharing across the University.


During the 2016-2017 academic year, Faculty came together to read, discuss and learn about one of six strategies for Facilitating Visual Literacy Learning of students over the course of the year. Faculty Fellows convened Study Circles which met 6 times throughout the year. Participants in the Study Circles created a Visual Literacy pedagogical project in one of their courses during the year and presented their work in October 2017.

Visual Literacy Faculty Fellows

Anthony Apesos: Fine Arts
E. Christopher Clark: Creative Writing
Liv Cummins: Drama and Creative Writing
Deborah Davidson: Fine Arts
Gene Diaz: Creativity Commons 
Micki Harrington: Moriarty Library Head Librarian
John Kim: Psychology
Kazuyo Kubo: Social Sciences
Albert Liau: Natural Sciences
Kimberly Lowe: History
Matthew Nash: Digital Filmmaking 
Jim O’Keefe: Mathematics 
Oscar Palacio: Photography 
Kristina Lamour Sansone: Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Art and Design
Janet Sauer: Education
Andre Ruesch: Photography 
Ellen Schön: Fine Arts
Heather Shaw: Design
Brandon Strathmann: Animation