Join us for Fall Open House - Oct. 15 and Nov. 18
This event will feature programming for our undergraduate, graduate, and Threshold programs. A vibrant campus community and access to endless opportunities—Lesley has it all. It's where student cohorts become lifelong catalysts, solving for today's complexities with full hearts and open minds.
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President Janet Steinmeyer speaking with incoming first-year and transfer students.

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Reception for Lesley University Undergraduate students

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Understand Your Financial Options

It’s our goal to break down financial barriers so that students who want to learn here can learn here. In addition to being one of the most affordable private universities in New England, we offer many ways to bring down the cost of your Lesley education.

If you had previously submitted your FAFSA, please note Lesley will not be able to access your application without your Social Security Number on file. Please contact 617.349.8760 to confirm we have your information or for instructions on how to safely provide your Social Security Number.

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