Student Organizations

What’s your passion? Whatever it is, chances are, no matter how different or obscure, at Lesley you won’t be the only person who’s into it. Because this is a place where people get involved and do things—things that bring them together.

Can’t find a club you’re interested in? Contact Student Activities to start your own. 

  • Anime Club

    The Anime Club meets weekly for viewings of all things anime. They have discussion panels, themed parties, and anime related games.

    Interested in joining?

  • Asian and Pacific Islander Student Association

    The Asian and Pacific Islander Student Association aims to support students who identify within the community, to advocate for change within the university to better support API students, and to share their experience with others.

    Contact Rosie Boucher at

  • Big Sister Chapter

    The Big Sister Chapter exists to encourage undergraduate students to become mentors through the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, an organization that aims to help children in the greater Boston area reach their full potential through professionally supported one-on-one mentoring relationships.

    Email Vita Franjul at 

  • Campus Activities Board

    The Campus Activities Board plans events of all kinds for the undergraduate student population. There are six committees students can join to help make campus more exciting. Folks can come as often as they'd like to as many committees as they want, or only come when they can to one committee. Pick what interests you and run with it!

    Comedy & Variety Committee
    This committee plans comedians, magicians, hypnotists, poets, and more. It meets Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. in Wolfard 203 on the Doble Campus.

    Live Music Committee
    This committee plans all things live music, from local gigs to larger scale concerts on the quad. It meets Mondays at 5:30 p.m. in Wolfard 204 on the Doble Campus.

    Creative Leisure Committee
    This committee plans crafting and D.I.Y. events, as well as bingos, and Trick-or-Treat with CAB. It meets Mondays at 12:00 p.m. in the CAB office, which is inside the Student Activities office on Doble Campus.

    Traditions Committee
    This committee plans annual and monthly events such as After Dark, Quadfest Carnival, Condom Casino, and more. It meets Mondays at 3:00 p.m. in Wolfard 204 on the Doble Campus.

    Issues & Ideas Committee
    This committee is dedicated to all things social justice and activism related. They focus on voting, awareness events, and taking groups to activist events within the greater Boston and Cambridge area. It meets Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. in Wolfard 203 on the Doble Campus.

    Outreach Committee
    This committee plans socials, dances, recruitment events, and runs all of CAB's social media. CAB is currently looking for someone to chair this committee. 

    Interested in joining?

  • Cheerleading Team

    The Cheerleading Team supports Lynx Athletics teams at games. The team does stunting, tumbling, and choreographed routines. It is open to all levels of experience, so don't worry if you've never cheered before!


  • Christian Fellowship

    Christian Fellowship aims to support students within the Christian faith through weekly bible study and events, as well as sharing their faith with others.


  • Circle of Friends

    Circle of Friends works to unite traditional undergraduates, students from the Center for the Adult Learner, and students from the Threshold program through fun meetings, social events, and trips off campus.


  • CommonLYNX

    The CommonLYNX retreat is a peer-led social justice, diversity, and activism retreat dedicated to helping students learn about themselves and others by covering the topics of stereotypes, privilege, race, ethnicity, gender-identity, sexuality, faith and spirituality, ability, socioeconomic status, intersectionality, and more.

    The retreat happens every Fall semester. This year's retreat will take place October 19-21, 2019. Those interested in attending should submit an application.

    Interested in learning more?

  • Commuter Club

    The Commuter Club aims to support commuter students through forming a community, advocating for changes that better the commuter experience, and working with the Commuter Student Services office to create commuter-friendly events.


  • Dance Team

    The Dance Team is Lesley's largest student organization, with over 80 members. It is open to dancers of all skill levels, and those interested in various types of dance. 

    At the beginning of each semester, the team hosts a meeting to show the dances available, rehearsal times, and how to join them. At the end of each semester, there is a showcase of all the dances, which is usually one of the most popular events on campus!


  • Environmental Club

    The Environmental Club focuses on sustainability, and advocating for environmentally friendly practices at the university and within the community.

    Contact Shiloh Atkinson at

  • Film Club

    The Film Club is focused on all things film, from showing movies to making them.

    Email Libbie Reedy at

  • Focal Point

    Focal Point is focused on all things photography. The host guest speakers, showcases of photo work by professors and alumni, and critiques.


  • Harmogeddon

    Harmogeddon is Lesley's co-ed a capella troupe that was founded in 2006. It's members are dedicated to sharing their love of music with the Lesley and greater Cambridge and Boston communities, and becoming a second home for all of its members and alumni.

    The troupe is audition based, and auditions happen at the beginning of each semester.


  • Hillel

    Hillel is dedicated to supporting Jewish students, and those interested in learning about Judaism, through creating community, celebrating holidays, and sharing the culture within the Lesley community.


  • International Student Association

    The International Student Association exists to support the experiences of and create community for international students at Lesley, as well as advocate for changes to better support that community of students.

    Email Yiran Li at

  • It's On Us Chapter

    The It's On Us Chapter works to support the mission of the It's On Us campaign to prevent sexual assault through engaging everyone in the conversation about sexual assault awareness, bystander education, survivor support, and more.

    They advocate for university-wide changes to better support survivors, and host meetings and events to educate the Lesley community on topics of sexual violence prevention.

    Email Katya Zinn at

  • Jam Band

    Jam Band is a place for musicians and songwriters alike to get together and make music with others. All skill levels, instruments, and voices are welcome! They meet Thursdays from 9-10 p.m. in Alumni Hall.

    Contact Libbie Reedy at

  • Ladies First

    Ladies First is Lesley's all-female-identifying a capella troupe that was founded in 2015. The troupe is audition based, and holds auditions at the beginning of each semester. 


  • Lesley Art Therapy Association

    The Lesley Art Therapy Association (LATA) focuses on sharing art therapy techniques with the greater Lesley community. It is open to all majors, not just those studying art therapy!

    Contact Rosie Boucher at

  • Lesley Delivers

    Lesley Delivers is a community service based organization that meets weekly to make sandwiches and deliver them to the homeless population in Harvard Square. They also work with the Community Service office to plan Hunger and Homelessness week every November.


  • Lesley Public Post

    The Lesley Public Post is Lesley's online student-run newspaper. Students can participate as writers and photographers and cover stories important to the greater Lesley community.

    Email Donna Halper at

  • Lolsley Improv

    Lolsley Improv is Lesley's improv comedy troupe. They host shows and improv workshops. The troupe is audition based, and hosts auditions at the beginning of each semester.


  • Performing Arts Club

    The Lesley Performing Arts Club (LPAC) performs on play or musical each year. The 2018 performance will be Spring Awakening. LPAC hosts auditions each Fall for actors, but also needs plenty of stage crew members and techs.

    Email Ryan Livingston at

  • Multicultural Student Association

    The Multicultural Student Association exists to create a supportive community for students of color as well as students with other minority identities through meetings and events where they can share their experiences and culture with the greater Lesley community.

    Email Rianne Elsadig at

  • Nintendo Club

    The Nintendo Club aims to celebrate all things Nintendo. From Pokémon, to Super Smash Bros, to Zelda, Nintendo Club has you covered.

    Email Kristen Jakubowski at

  • Sigma Tau Delta

    Sigma Tau Delta is the English Honors society at Lesley, and runs in collaboration with the English department of the College of Letters and Sciences.

    Interested in learning more?

  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee

    The Student Athlete Advisory Committee serves as the collective voice for student athletes, and works closely with the Athletics department to advocate for the needs of athletes.

    Email Steph Smyrl at

  • Swingin' Lynx

    Swingin' Lynx is a group that practices and teaches West Coast Swing dancing. They bring in outside teachers, host weekly workshops called "Triple Step Thursdays," and host events to teach the greater Lesley, Cambridge, and Boston communities the style of dance.


  • Undergraduate Student Government

    The Undergraduate Student Government serves as the voice of the Lesley undergraduate student population through meetings with administrators of Student Life, the College of Art and Design, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and more. 

    They host meetings where students can voice concerns, comments, and suggestions; and have a platform where students can submit official proposal for a university-wide change.

    Students can serve in various leadership positions within USG to serve as a voice, plan events, allocate funding, and more.


How to Get Involved

Meet members from our student organizations at the Student Activities Fair each semester. The new student organization portal LynXplore will launch in the Fall semester.

What is LynXplore?

LynXplore is your one-stop shop for getting involved on campus. It has everything you need to discover and join student organizations, volunteer for community service, gain leadership skills, and keep up with events on campus.

Throughout the year, we’ll also post different opportunities there, including open positions for Undergraduate Student Government, the Campus Activities Board, CommonLYNX and Orientation.

LynXplore is currently under construction, and a link will be available soon.

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Explore Your City

The Explore Your City Series is your ticket to the best events happening in Boston and Cambridge, from concerts and games to musicals and plays, all at exclusive, discounted prices. Find a full schedule of events and tickets at the Student Center Information Desk.

New Student Organizations

If you’re interested in creating a new student organization, schedule an appointment with the Student Activities Office at to get started. Forming a new group entails these 3 phases:

  • Establishment Period

    Begin by meeting with student organization representatives in Undergraduate Student Government. In this phase, you’ll be eligible to plan and host events under the advisement of the Student Activities Office. This period typically lasts one semester.

  • Recognition

    Once the establishment period ends, your club may become recognized. Becoming recognized means that your organization is now eligible to apply for funding through the Undergraduate Student Government Allocations Committee.

  • Registration

    Once recognized, you must register your student organization to be considered an active organization that’s eligible to receive funds from the Undergraduate Student Government. Registration will take place on LynXplore at the beginning of each academic year.

Existing Student Organizations

At the beginning of each academic year, all existing student organizations go through a re-registration process on LynXplore.

  • Re-Registration Process

    The re-registration process includes:

    • Meeting with your faculty/staff advisor
    • Attending the All Club President’s meeting
    • Submitting an Organization Registration Form
    • Establishing goals and possible programs for the next year
    • Submitting an updated copy of the organization’s constitution
    • Completing the Anti-Hazing Form
    • Submitting a membership list

    All organizations eligible for re-registration will be able to participate in the Student Activities & Service Fair.

    Constitution Requirements

    All registered organizations are required to have a constitution. The constitution should include the organization name, mission, requirements for membership, officers, officer duties, officer selection process, amendment process, and general operating principles of the organization. Sample constitutions are available in the Student Activities office.

Membership Criteria

All registered student organizations must be open to all Lesley University students.

Organizations cannot discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, class, marital status, family status, military or veteran status, citizenship status, or any other protected identity per the university’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

  • Organization Member Requirements

    All organization members must be Lesley University students. You must also be in good academic standing, meaning you meet the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress as well as Good Judicial Standing. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may be removed from student organizations at the recommendation of the Dean of Students.

  • Student Leader Requirements

    All executive board member must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average. If you’re not in good academic standing or judicial standing, you may be affected in the following ways:

    • You may be considered in probationary status for the rest of the semester
    • You may not be a candidate for any open leadership positions
Contact Student Activities