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Student Organizations

What’s your passion? Whatever it is, chances are, no matter how different or obscure, at Lesley you won’t be the only person who’s into it. Because this is a place where people get involved and do things—things that bring them together.

Can’t find a club you’re interested in? Contact Student Activities to start your own. 

Please see the Student Event Space Request Policy if you need to book a space for an event.

  • Undergraduate Student Government

    The Undergraduate Student Government serves as the voice of the Lesley undergraduate student population through meetings with administrators of Student Life, the College of Art and Design, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and more. 

    They host meetings where students can voice concerns, comments, and suggestions; and have a platform where students can submit official proposal for a university-wide change.

    Students can serve in various leadership positions within USG to serve as a voice, plan events, allocate funding, and more.

    Email USG@lesley.edu

    Are you a full-time undergraduate student and want to start a new student organization on campus? Please feel free to reach out to Jose Mendoza, the USG Student Organization Representative at jmendoza@lesley.edu to help you start the process. As an undergraduate student at Lesley, you have the opportunity of bringing a new student organization with funding and help from USG.

  • Black Student Union

    The Lesley University Black Student Union (LUBSU) is dedicated to enable the learning of the history of black people (domestic and international) in acknowledgment of their challenges and achievements both past and present in order to promote the unity of Black and /African- American students at the University. We also aim to provide Black and other students of color with a voice to establish a sense of identity, culture and pride. As a group we will strive to elevate each other in a wholesome fashion as conscientiously and intellectually as possible, creating awareness concerning issues about race, politics, social justice and community.

    Email lesleybsu@lesley.edu.

  • Business Club

    The Business Club seeks to broaden the spectrum of business instruction from just the classroom to a worldly spectrum. Established in the beginning of Fall 2022, this club teaches students to network and increases their exposure to business opportunities and know-how. 

    Email rlopez3@lesley.edu

  • Dance Team

    The Dance Team is Lesley's largest student organization, with over 80 members. It is open to dancers of all skill levels, and those interested in various types of dance. 

    At the beginning of each semester, the team hosts a meeting to show the dances available, rehearsal times, and how to join them. At the end of each semester, there is a showcase of all the dances, which is one of the most popular events on campus.

    The Dance Team is working toward creating a more inclusive, anti-racist environment for dancers. View the Dance Team's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement regarding the ways the team will be restructuring their policies and habits toward a more proactive perspective.

    Interested? Email: dance@lesley.edu

  • Environmental Club

    The Environmental Club focuses on sustainability, and advocating for environmentally friendly practices at the university and within the community.

    Contact Shiloh Atkinson at satkins7@lesley.edu

  • Harmogeddon

    Harmogeddon is Lesley's co-ed a capella troupe that was founded in 2006. It's members are dedicated to sharing their love of music with the Lesley and greater Cambridge and Boston communities, and becoming a second home for all of its members and alumni.

    The troupe is audition based, and auditions happen at the beginning of each semester.

    Email harmogeddon@lesley.edu

  • Hillel

    Hillel is dedicated to supporting Jewish students, and those interested in learning about Judaism, through creating community, celebrating holidays, and sharing the culture within the Lesley community.

    Email hillel@lesley.edu 

  • International Student Association

    The International Student Association exists to support the experiences of and create community for international students at Lesley, as well as advocate for changes to better support that community of students.

    Email iss@lesley.edu

  • Jam Band

    Jam Band is a place for musicians and songwriters alike to get together and make music with others. All skill levels, instruments, and voices are welcome! They meet Thursdays from 9-10 p.m. in Alumni Hall.

    Email Eric Oullette at jamband@lesley.edu

  • Ladies First

    Ladies First is Lesley's all-female-identifying a capella troupe that was founded in 2015. The troupe is audition based, and holds auditions at the beginning of each semester. 

    Email ladiesfirst@lesley.edu

  • Lesley Art Therapy Association

    We are the Lesley Art Therapy Association (LATA). We are individuals who love making and engaging in different art forms. You don’t even have to be an artist; all majors are welcome. Our club aims to bring together like-minded people at Lesley to create art and share ideas about art programs to help the school improve. We want to create a safe space for people to explore their creativity and encourage them to make art amongst friends! We plan on having creative studio times, going on museum trips, and developing different projects to help make Lesley a more beautiful place for us to learn.

    Email lata@lesley.edu.

  • Lolsley Improv

    Lolsley Improv is Lesley's improv comedy troupe. They host shows and improv workshops. The troupe is audition based, and hosts auditions at the beginning of each semester.

    Email lolsleyimprov@gmail.com

  • Manifest Christian Fellowship

    Manifest Fellowship Lesley University is a Christian Fellowship dedicated to the Lesley community—the word, worship, and fellowship among students. It provides a space for those who desire to have a functional relationship with God and aspire to learn in the Word of God, consequently being holistically impacted and prepared to impact the world to the glory of God. Manifest Fellowship is part of the Phaneroo global family.


    Email manifest@lesley.edu  

  • Performing Arts Club

    Lesley Performing Arts Club (LPAC) is a completely student-run group! Students have the opportunity to produce, direct, act, sing, design, and more! Whether you join on stage or as part of the crew, you will get to add your own personal touch to our productions. In addition to our full-scale plays and musicals, we host open mic and cabaret nights open to all students, as well as cast and crew bonding opportunities such as seeing local theater productions and game nights!

    Interested? Email Co-Presidents Leah Packard and Neve Pires at lpackar3@lesley.edu and npires2@lesley.edu.

  • Phi Eta Sigma

    Phi Eta Sigma at Lesley University hopes to bring students together in an effort to celebrate their academic success by building a community that fosters a positive environment and encourages its members to further their academic accomplishments in their pursuit of an undergraduate degree and beyond.

    Email Pragati Jaiswal at pjaiswal@lesley.edu

  • Sigma Tau Delta

    Sigma Tau Delta is the English Honors society at Lesley, and runs in collaboration with the English department of the College of Letters and Sciences.

    Interested in learning more?
    Email sigmataudelta@lesley.edu

  • Swingin' Lynx

    Swingin' Lynx is a group that practices and teaches West Coast Swing dancing. They bring in outside teachers, host weekly workshops called "Triple Step Thursdays," and host events to teach the greater Lesley, Cambridge, and Boston communities the style of dance.

    Email swinginlynx@lesley.edu

  • Tabletop Gaming

    Tabletop Gaming Club: A place to get together and take a break from classes to play board games like Uno, Battleship, and Monopoly - as well as tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or explore other indie systems.

    Email tabletopgaming@lesley.edu.

How to Get Involved

Meet members from our student organizations at the Student Activities Fair each semester. The new student organization portal LynXplore will launch in the Fall semester.

What is LynXplore?

LynXplore is your one-stop shop for getting involved on campus. It has everything you need to discover and join student organizations, volunteer for community service, gain leadership skills, and keep up with events on campus.

Throughout the year, we’ll also post different opportunities there, including open positions for Undergraduate Student Government, the Campus Activities Board, CommonLYNX and Orientation.

LynXplore is currently under construction, and a link will be available soon.

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Explore Your City

The Explore Your City Series is your ticket to the best events happening in Boston and Cambridge, from concerts and games to musicals and plays, all at exclusive, discounted prices. Find a full schedule of events and tickets at the Student Center Information Desk.

New Student Organizations

If you’re interested in creating a new student organization, schedule an appointment with the Student Activities Office at studentactivities@lesley.edu to get started. Forming a new group entails these 3 phases:

Existing Student Organizations

At the beginning of each academic year, all existing student organizations go through a re-registration process on LynXplore.

  • Re-Registration Process

    The re-registration process includes:

    • Meeting with your faculty/staff advisor
    • Attending the All Club President’s meeting
    • Submitting an Organization Registration Form
    • Establishing goals and possible programs for the next year
    • Submitting an updated copy of the organization’s constitution
    • Completing the Anti-Hazing Form
    • Submitting a membership list

    All organizations eligible for re-registration will be able to participate in the Student Activities & Service Fair.

    Constitution Requirements

    All registered organizations are required to have a constitution. The constitution should include the organization name, mission, requirements for membership, officers, officer duties, officer selection process, amendment process, and general operating principles of the organization. Sample constitutions are available in the Student Activities office.

Membership Criteria

All registered student organizations must be open to all Lesley University students.

Organizations cannot discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, class, marital status, family status, military or veteran status, citizenship status, or any other protected identity per the university’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

  • Organization Member Requirements

    All organization members must be Lesley University students. You must also be in good academic standing, meaning you meet the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress as well as Good Judicial Standing. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may be removed from student organizations at the recommendation of the Dean of Students.

  • Student Leader Requirements

    All executive board member must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average. If you’re not in good academic standing or judicial standing, you may be affected in the following ways:

    • You may be considered in probationary status for the rest of the semester
    • You may not be a candidate for any open leadership positions
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