Student Organizations

What’s your passion? Whatever it is, chances are, no matter how different or obscure, at Lesley you won’t be the only person who’s into it. Because this is a place where people get involved and do things—things that bring them together.

With clubs and organizations ranging from Anime Club all the way to Ultimate Frisbee, and new groups forming all the time, there’s always something happening at Lesley.

You could serve as a peer educator. Learn about the experiences of others. Develop your personal leadership style. Or even create and run your own programs and events.

Can’t find a club you’re interested in? Contact Student Activities to start your own. 

How to Get Involved

Meet members from our student organizations at the Student Activities Fair each semester. Or visit LUConnect to see a list of our current student organizations. You can even log in with your Lesley email and password to sign up for organizations. 

What is LUConnect?

LUConnect is your one-stop shop for getting involved on campus. It has everything you need to discover and join student organizations, connect with other students in leadership positions, and keep up with ongoing events on campus.

Throughout the year, we’ll also post different opportunities there, including open positions for Undergraduate Student Government, the Campus Activities Board, and Orientation.

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Explore Your City

The Explore Your City Series is your ticket to the best events happening in Boston and Cambridge, from concerts and games to musicals and plays, all at exclusive, discounted prices. Find a full schedule of events and tickets at the Student Center Information Desk.

New Student Organizations

If you’re interested in creating a new student organization, schedule an appointment with the Student Activities Office at to get started. Forming a new group entails these 3 phases:

  • Establishment Period

    Begin by meeting with student organization representatives in Undergraduate Student Government. In this phase, you’ll be eligible to plan and host events under the advisement of the Student Activities Office. This period typically lasts one semester.

  • Recognition

    Once the establishment period ends, your club may become recognized. Becoming recognized means that your organization is now eligible to apply for funding through the Undergraduate Student Government Allocations Committee.

  • Registration

    Once recognized, you must register your student organization to be considered an active organization that’s eligible to receive funds from the Undergraduate Student Government. Registration takes place on LUConnect at the beginning of each academic year.

Existing Student Organizations

At the beginning of each academic year, all existing student organizations go through a re-registration process on LUConnect.

  • Re-Registration Process

    The re-registration process includes:

    • Meeting with your faculty/staff advisor
    • Attending the All Club President’s meeting
    • Submitting an Organization Registration Form
    • Establishing goals and possible programs for the next year
    • Submitting an updated copy of the organization’s constitution
    • Completing the Anti-Hazing Form
    • Submitting a membership list

    All organizations eligible for re-registration will be able to participate in the Student Activities Fair.

    Constitution Requirements

    All registered organizations are required to have a constitution. The constitution should include the organization name, mission, requirements for membership, officers, officer duties, officer selection process, amendment process, and general operating principles of the organization. Sample constitutions are available on LUConnect.

Membership Criteria

All registered student organizations must be open to all Lesley University students.

Organizations cannot discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, class, marital status, family status, military or veteran status, citizenship status, or any other protected identity per the university’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

  • Organization Member Requirements

    All organization members must be Lesley University students. You must also be in good academic standing, meaning you meet the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress as well as Good Judicial Standing. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may be removed from student organizations at the recommendation of the Dean of Students.

  • Student Leader Requirements

    All executive board member must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average. If you’re not in good academic standing or judicial standing, you may be affected in the following ways:

    • You may be considered in probationary status for the rest of the semester
    • You may not be a candidate for any open leadership positions
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