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Apply by the deadline.

At Lesley University, we offer many kinds of graduate programs. Some start at multiple times throughout the year, while others only start once per year. This means different application deadlines depending on what you want to study.

Use this table to access your program's deadlines quickly. You can also find the deadlines within your specific program's How to Apply Guide.

We encourage you to apply by the stated deadline for scholarship consideration and space availability.  Please call Graduate Admissions at 617-349-8300 or email luadmissions@lesley.edu to discuss a late application.

Program Category  Degree Location Application Deadlines
Business Master's Online Applications should be complete at least 2 weeks prior to the start of each 8-week term.
Counseling Master's On Campus Counseling Master's Deadlines
Counseling PhD Low Residency Counseling PhD Deadlines
Counseling Certificates On Campus Counseling Certificate Deadlines
Creative Writing MFA Low Residency Creative Writing Deadlines
Education Master's, Certificates, and License Only On Campus Education Deadlines, On-Campus Programs
Education Master's Teacher Residency Education Deadlines, Teacher Residencies
Education Master's Online Education Deadlines
Education PhD Low Residency Education PhD Deadlines, Low-Residency Programs
Expressive Therapies Master's On Campus / Low Residency Expressive Therapies Master's Deadlines
Expressive Therapies Certificates On Campus Expressive Therapies Certificate Deadlines
Expressive Therapies PhD Low Residency Expressive Therapies PhD Deadlines
Mindfulness Master's Low Residency Mindfulness Deadlines
Mindfulness Certificates Low Residency Mindfulness Certificate Deadlines
Social Work MSW On Campus Master of Social Work Deadlines
Visual Arts MFA Low Residency Visual Arts Deadlines