Let’s make it official
Ready to become a Lynx? We are still accepting applications, but housing and class registration are first-come, first-served.

Through Lesley’s community initiatives and service programs, you’ll connect with local leaders, activists, and organizations to create an impact.

Do your part in fighting hunger and homelessness. Advance education, human rights, environmental issues, and more. See firsthand how social and political issues are affecting not just Greater Boston, but also the world at large, and how we at Lesley are working toward solutions.

Getting Involved

Want to meet others who share your passion for social justice? At Lesley, you’ll get involved in programs that get you off campus and into communities in need. You’ll grow as a leader. Build new relationships. And become part of initiatives that are making big strides toward social change.

Explore Community Service Programs

"Being given the chance to engage in service with a group of people with the same mission is inspiring. It is an opportunity for students to come together under the same goal of changing people's lives"
Emma Chavenson ’16

Creating Solutions to Real Challenges

At the core of a Lesley education is the hunger to go out in to the world and do good. Lesley students and faculty use creativity to tackle some of today’s most pressing issues.

Together, we’re ensuring that future generations have access to the arts. Promoting technological fluency in low-performing schools. Narrowing the attainment gap in disadvantaged communities. And that’s just the beginning.

Speakers & Events

Lesley invites the Greater Boston community to join us in our mission to foster understanding and build bridges across cultural, racial, and economic divides.

In addition to attending our Strauch-Mosse Visiting Artist lectures, all are welcome to visit our Cambridge campus for lectures, readings, screenings, and more. Because when we come together to connect, learn, and listen with purpose, we can make more happen.

nick cave speaking into microphone
Strauch-Mosse Visiting Artist Lecture Series