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Find information on the grading scale, definitions of pass/fail and administrative grades, how to request a grade change, how to enter grades in LOIS, and grade deadlines.

  • Grading Scale
    Letter Grade P/F Course Grade Point System
    A   4.0
    A-   3.7
    B+   3.3
    B   3.0
    B- Pass (Graduate Programs) 2.7
    C+   2.3
    C   2.0
    C- Pass (Undergraduate Programs) 1.7
    D+   1.3
    D   1.0
    D-   0.7
    F   0.0
  • Administrative Grades

    I (Incomplete)

    In exceptional cases, where an unanticipated event beyond one's control interferes with a student's completion of course requirements, a letter grade of "I" may be given to a student, at the instructor's discretion. Student and instructor must complete and sign a "Contract for Completion of Incomplete Coursework." Responsibility for completion of work rests with the student. Deadlines and the policy for incomplete work vary among the schools. Reference the individual school's policy for additional information on incomplete grades.

    AW (Administrative Withdrawal)

    "AW" is an administrative grade assigned to students who have attended no more than the first two classes, but who have not officially dropped or withdrawn from the course. Students who stop attending after the second class, but fail to withdraw by the published University withdrawal deadline must be assigned a letter grade.

    NA (Never Attended)

    NA" is an administrative grade assigned to students who are officially registered for the course and whose name appears on the grade roster, but who have never attended class.

    W (Withdrew)

    Cannot be changed.

  • Grade Changes

    The Grade Change Form must be completed only by the instructional faculty member who assigned the original grade and only after the relevant grade change processes have been completed (see the University catalog for more information). The grade change workflow proceeds as follows:

    1. Student either completes unfinished coursework or completes the Grade Grievance process as outlined in the Lesley University catalog. 

    2. Instructor logs into Dynamic Forms.  

    3. Instructor selects the Associate Dean or Designee of their school from the drop-down menu. If the form requires their approval, it will be routed to this designee before reaching the Registrar. 

    4. Instructor fills out form:  

    • Identifies the student by providing their first name, last name, and ID number

    • Provides the course subject, number, section, and title 

    • Identifies the term 

    • Provides the current and new grades 

    5. Instructor e-signs the form. 

    6. If their approval is necessary, the Associate Dean or Designee receives the form, reviews it, and approves or denies the request. The Instructor receives an update as to the status of the form. 

    7. After any and all necessary approval(s), the Registrar’s Office receives the form and processes the change.  

    8. Instructor is sent a final confirmation email. 

    Faculty and staff please note: the Grade Change Form may be accessed via the Lesley Faculty Sharepoint folder.

  • Submitting Grades

    Faculty should submit grades for all students in LOIS; no student should be left without an academic or administrative grade.

    MyLesley is not used to enter grades. The myLesley gradebook is a tool for your personal use, and the entries there are never moved to students' transcripts.

    If a student’s name does not appear on the online roster, click the link at the bottom on the grading page to submit the student’s grade. Students who do not appear on the roster have not been officially registered and must contact the Office of the University Registrar to register and receive their final grades. Submitting grades via the web grading link will record the students’ names and grades for future internal reference within the Office of the University Registrar.

    For detailed information on entering grades, view our LOIS How-to for Faculty.

    Grading Confirmation

    The grade confirmation page on LOIS shows only those students who have been graded; if any student was missed, that name will not appear. If, after submitting grades electronically, you wish to confirm grade submission for all students in the class list, return to the grade roster a second time. The roster will reflect all grades previously entered, and show the names of any students missed.

    Contact Information

    Direct grading inquiries to the Records Department in the Registrar's Office at 617.349.8751 or 800.999.1959 x8751 or by email at

  • Grade Deadlines

    Grades for students in hybrid, online, and off-campus courses are generally due 15 days after the semester or term. Grade due dates can also be found on the academic calendar.