Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board is designated to review and monitor biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects. In accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services, an IRB has the authority to approve, require modifications in, or disapprove research.

The IRB is co-chaired by faculty from the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences and the School of Education, and its members are drawn from the various schools of the University. Individuals at Lesley University conducting research involving human subjects are required to submit an application for review by the IRB.


  • Send all applications to:
  • Make sure last name of author is the leading text on all file names
  • All applications must be in MSWord or in a PDF
  • All applications must include a human subjects training certificate for key personnel ( documenting 
  • Please allow 6–8 weeks for a full review
  • Expedited application will take 4–6 weeks

Documents and Forms


Robyn Flaum Cruz, Ph.D.
PhD Program in Expressive Therapies
Graduate School of Arts & Social Sciences

Ulas Kaplan, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
PhD in Educational Studies Program
Graduate School of Education


Jason Butler, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor 
Expressive Therapies Division
Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences

Kazuyo Kubo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Social Sciences
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sue L. Motulsky, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Division of Counseling and Psychology
Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences

Jeffrey Perrin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Psychology and Applied Therapies
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Public Member
Margaret Migliorati, MA, LPCC, R-DMT
Consult Liaison Services, Presbyterian Hospital