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Form, Foster, Develop, Integrate

Our Program is founded on four pillars:

  • Forming a vibrant, close-knit intellectual community
  • Fostering community and scholarly collaboration
  • Developing close student interaction with faculty and community members
  • Integrating intellectual and community work to achieve social change

With only five advanced honors courses required, and the option to turn any course into an Honors Course, you’ll pursue your passions in close consultation with expert faculty. Through community-engaged practice you’ll learn how to work with communities to fight the injustices kept in place by inequities in power and privilege.

Some of our students have interviewed policymakers about domestic violence shelters, written research papers on holistic healing, and even created original theater pieces.

You’ll graduate with lifelong friendships among students and faculty, as well as meaningful relationships with community partners. You’ll also be an experienced, independent, and critical scholar, a skilled practitioner in your chosen career, and—most importantly—an ethically engaged community member with the capacity to be an agent of meaningful social change.

All students who are accepted into the Undergraduate Honors Program are granted an additional $1,000 honors scholarship.

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A photo of Henry Katzman presenting his Honors research project in Alumni Hall at the 2022 Honors Symposium

Tackling topics of global importance

From the role social media plays in sexualizing young women, to the responsibility of businesses to foster environmental and socioeconomic sustainability, seven students presented their honors research projects at the annual Honors Research Symposium.

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