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Preparing Educators to Become Changemakers

Located in the heart of dynamic Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Graduate School of Education has earned a reputation as New England’s largest and most respected provider of teacher preparation programs. We educate the teachers, leaders, curriculum coordinators, arts administrators, and specialists who change lives and effect social justice.

Carrying on founder Edith Lesley's commitment to experiential learning and intellectual curiosity, all of our programs incorporate arts, literacy, technology, and strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners. By studying here, you'll integrate theory and practice, and improve through field-based experiences and ongoing feedback and support. You'll explore multiple perspectives and cultivate the self-reflection that will prepare you to be an effective and compassionate educator.

Become a vital member of our collaborative learning community, where our 5-year alumni employment rate is 97 percent—making your Lesley degree one of the best investments you'll ever make. And as a Lesley graduate, you’ll join an extensive network of alumni educators who are making a difference in students’ lives across the country and around the world.

We also offer professional development through our centers:

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Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative

Discover opportunities to participate in literacy-focused workshops and courses for educators as well as our annual Literacy for All conference.

Explore the Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative

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Center for Inclusive and Special Education

Uncover resources through our center’s development opportunities, including offerings from the Lesley Institute for Trauma Sensitivity. 

Explore the Center for Inclusive and Special Education

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Center for Math Achievement

Deepen your mathematics content knowledge through our on-campus workshops for educators or request a consultation in your school or district.

Explore the Center for Math Achievement

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STEAM Learning Lab

A new way for our students and community partners to engage in learning and inquiry-based exploration. Embracing the “maker” way of knowing, this is a place for our community to play, tinker, design, and create.

Explore the STEAM Learning Lab.

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Center for Advanced Professional Studies

Get professional development that addresses critical content areas through certificates, seminars, institutes, and workshops for individual educators, districts, and community partners.

Explore the Center for Advanced Professional Studies.

Average salary for teachers in Massachusetts, according to the National Education Association.
Superintendents and other hiring managers across Massachusetts prefer to hire Lesley graduates, reporting that they are best prepared to enter the classroom on day one. (Source: Radius Global Market Research)
Top Schools
Massachusetts ranks as the best state to be a teacher, with some of the highest performing schools and best salaries in the country, according to US News.
"What makes teaching important is your impact on so many students over so many years. Everyone's had one teacher who stood out as a person who made a difference in their lives—and they remember that teacher forever."
Brenda Matthis, Associate Professor