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Lesley undergraduate and graduate alumni who are endorsed for an Initial license in Massachusetts can apply for comparable positions in US states and territories that have signed the NASDTEC (National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification) Interstate Agreement 2020-2025 (PDF). The reciprocity agreement means that licensure programs are recognized across states. A Provisional license is not recognized by other states.

  • How to Obtain a License in Other States

    Massachusetts is a member state and a signatory of the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement, which facilitates the transfer of educator licensure between member states (not necessarily immediate reciprocity). Depending on your professional goals, where you reside or plan to teach, and the licensure structures that exist within that state, there are diverse pathways to licensure that may be relevant and some may require additional coursework, required tests, assessments, and/or classroom experiences.

    Per the NASDTEC website: “The NASDTEC Interstate Agreement facilitates the mobility of educators among the states and other jurisdictions that are members of NASDTEC and have signed the Agreement. Although there may be conditions applicable to individual jurisdictions, the Agreement makes it possible for an educator who completed an approved program and/or who holds a certificate or license in one jurisdiction to earn a certificate or license in another state or jurisdiction.”

    Read more, including state-specific requirements.

    Individuals who plan to seek educator licensure/certification outside of Massachusetts are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate state department of education to identify additional requirements and the process for seeking reciprocity in that state.

    Other states may require verification of your educator licensure program. If you graduated from a Lesley University educator licensure program and need a Verification Form filled out from another state, please send the form to the Certification Office via email to cert_off@lesley.edu. Please include your contact information address, phone, and email, as well as any other relevant information. Please note that all requests are carefully reviewed. If Lesley is unable to provide the requested verification, you will be contacted directly.

    See more about licensure and credentialing.

  • How to Obtain a Massachusetts License if You are Licensed in Another State

    Massachusetts accepts approved educator preparation programs from other states or the equivalent of an Initial license/certificate and three years of employment under the license in the previous seven years.

    Review the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's webpage on Out-of-State Applicants for complete details on the process and requirements.

Contact the Certification Office

Although we try to ensure that certification information is accurate and complete, contents are subject to change.