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The Center for Inclusive and Special Education is dedicated to supporting educators, families, and communities in meeting the needs of all learners. We are guided by a philosophy that presumes the competence of all people in their different ways of knowing, learning, and expressing. The center is directed by Patricia Crain de Galarce.

Our Goals

  • to research and disseminate equitable, inclusive, and trauma sensitive pedagogy 
  • to research and document inclusive practices that support all students to achieve academically, thrive emotionally, and live to their fullest potentials 
  • to design transformative processes for school culture change and critical inquiry into systemic inequalities and challenging the status quo

Our Initiatives

  • Lesley Institute for Trauma Sensitivity

    To advance the development of safe, supportive, trauma-sensitive environments, The Lesley Institute for Trauma Sensitivity (LIFTS) has been working directly with school districts helping educators understand the dynamics of acute and chronic trauma, its adverse effects on learning, and how trauma-sensitive schools can benefit all children. In our work with a growing number of local and global school districts, we have witnessed remarkable outcomes such as fewer office referrals, fewer suspensions, stronger classroom communities, and better support networks for educators.  

    Read more about LIFTS and its courses.

  • Inclusion Institute

    To advance and advocate for the development of equitable and inclusive education, the Inclusion Institute seeks to bring innovative solutions, and the most current research and practice to districts to build capacity for inclusive education. We seek to expand the vision for special education and the access for children with learning differences beyond compliance.

    Our team partners with educators and districts to provide coaching, professional development, graduate courses, research, and model programs that are designed to supports all students. Inclusive pedagogy breaks down barriers and embraces practices that are culturally and linguistically responsive, learner-centered, universally designed, resiliency-focused, and trauma sensitive.

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