Fall 2020 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.

Early in Your Program

As soon as you’ve enrolled, go to Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) to set up your Educator Licensure and Renewal profile (ELAR). Through  ELAR, you can check MTEL test results, check license status, and upload documents, and more.

  • How to Set Up Your Electronic Account (ELAR)

    You are required to set up an electronic account (ELAR) through MA ESE at the start of your program. Through this process, you will get a unique, 8-digit Massachusetts Education Personnel ID (MEPID) number, which you will need to report to Lesley. Your MEPID is the only way Lesley will be able to confirm that you are enrolled in an educator preparation program and endorse you for a license at program completion, and the only way for you to register for MTELs.

    Through ELAR you can:

    • Store and view MTEL scores and upload transcripts and other documentation
    • Apply for, advance, or renew a license online
    • Check the status of a license/application
    • Make a payment
    • View a description of what documents are scanned into your file
    • Request a hard copy license
    • View correspondence from the Office of Educator Licensure
    • Print unofficial license information

    To set up a profile, go to the MA ESE website secure portal and click "Create ELAR Profile." Find your MEPID near the top left of your ELAR profile page. To report your MEPID to Lesley, log in to our Lesley Online Information System and click on the MEPID Registration in the Academic Profile section.  Enter your 8-digit MEPID number and submit. Note: if a number is not generated automatically, try selecting to edit your contact information and then immediately hit "save."

During Your Program

Complete all required coursework and Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs).

Near the End of Your Program

Apply for your Initial license and pay application fee online through ELAR.

At the same time, you must apply for the Sheltered English Immersion endorsement (SEI) through your ELAR account.  See SEI Endorsement page for how to apply.

SEI endorsement is not required for Professional Support Personnel licenses (School Guidance/School Adjustment counselors) or Preliminary license. Please note: SEI endorsement can only be earned at the same time as Initial license endorsement, not before.

Graduate students must submit an official Bachelor's degree transcript by uploading through ELAR.

If your undergraduate degree was issued under a different name from your ELAR, upload proof of name change (marriage license/divorce certificate, etc.)

If your undergraduate degree was from a country outside of the US, have the coursework/diploma evaluated by a nationally accredited agency listed with the ESE, and sent to the ESE, or upload to ELAR.

After all course requirements and MTELs are completed and all grades and credits are posted on LOIS, submit the Endorsement Request form online at the Certification website. This form notifies our office that you are ready to be endorsed by Lesley and eligible to be licensed by the state. We will review your record and submit an electronic endorsement for the Initial license and SEI to the ESE using your MEPID, usually within 7-10 working days of your request.

The following time-sensitive issues may affect your endorsement/licensing date:

  • Undergraduate licensure program completers: the state requires a Bachelor's degree to be approved for a license, so we wait until Lesley degree conferral (August 25, November 25, February 25, or May 21) to submit your endorsement.* Request an Official Transcript from the Registrar's office or through LOIS after your degree has been conferred, scan both sides of the transcript and upload it to your ELAR. *If extenuating circumstances require a license prior to degree conferral, contact the Certification Office at cert_off@lesley.edu.
  • School Guidance and School Adjustment Counselor candidates must have Master's degree conferral to be endorsed, so we will wait until Lesley degree conferral to submit your endorsement. Request an Official Transcript from the Registrar's office or through LOIS after your degree has been conferred, scan both sides of the transcript and upload it to your ELAR.

Confirmation of Your License

You will get a confirmation email from ESE stating the date of Lesley's electronic endorsement, the subject/grade level of the Initial license endorsement, and SEI, if applicable. Check it for accuracy and save a copy for your files. While waiting for the ESE to process your license approval, use the ESE confirmation email to show prospective or current employers that your licensure requirements have been completed.

Although we try to ensure that certification information is accurate and complete, contents are subject to change.

Contact the Certification Office