Deepen mathematics content knowledge. Hone implementation of instructional routines. Build professional capacity.

The Center for Mathematics Achievement (CMA) is dedicated to ensuring that each and every student has access to the highest quality mathematics teaching and learning. CMA has been instrumental in improving the content knowledge and pedagogy of math teachers nationally and internationally, having a profound impact on thousands of students throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

Directed by Hilary Kreisberg, CMA supports teachers, coaches, specialists, teacher leaders, and administrators through workshops, professional development, coaching, and consultation. Whether you travel to Lesley University or we travel to you, you’ll be engaged in a process that will benefit both you and your students. View our fall newsletter.

The Center for Mathematics Achievement is a pre-approved vendor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is authorized to award professional development points (PDPs) for any educational service that we provide. We also offer services outside of Massachusetts and internationally. See below for contact information.

    Professional Development

    Is your school or district looking for math professional development? We offer a variety of services that will increase student achievement and lead to improvement in student and teacher perceptions of mathematics. Explore our offerings, and contact us to discuss how we can help you.

    • Professional Development On-site at Schools or Districts
      • ​Teacher Development. We collaborate with you to offer personalized workshops and learning opportunities for teachers, paraprofessionals, and those who have direct impact on student learning. We customize these workshops to meet the needs of your school or district’s specific needs and meet teachers where they are.
      • Leadership Development. As educators improve their practice, it’s also critical that leaders do, too. We offer workshops for leadership teams to analyze their practice, deepen their mathematical content knowledge, and understand what to look for when evaluating mathematics teaching and learning.
    • Professional Development Topics

      Select an option from this list or request something new. Either way we’ll tailor the experience to your needs.

      • Aligning Curriculum with Content Standards
      • Deepening Understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice
      • Differentiating Math Instruction to Meet All Needs
      • Enhancing Instructional Routines
      • Exploring Number Talks and Other Activators
      • Incorporating Formative Assessment Strategies
      • Incorporating Mathematical Discourse in the Classroom
      • Integrating Accommodations and Modifications to Reach All Learners
      • And more....
    • Mathematics Content Coaching

      We’re not just in your school, but in your classroom. It’s nice to hear the “in theory” advice, but we all know that classrooms are complex spaces where one small shift can have a large effect on whether students leave class with confidence and understanding. To do this, we offer high-quality content coaching in mathematics with the goal of improving the teaching and learning of mathematics in classrooms.

      In this model, we start by pre-conferencing through planning a lesson with a teacher or group of teachers, followed by co-teaching that very lesson, and then post-conferencing to debrief and cultivate ideas for how we, collectively, can improve our work.

    • Family and Community Workshops

      We work with families to help them understand how and why the way we teach math today is different than the way most adults learned. In addition to providing our own workshops, we also help schools and districts develop their own family math nights and family information sessions. Looking for more information on engaging families? Our Center Director, Hilary, has co-written Adding Parents to the Equation and an accompanying free book to provide families support. She is able to work with your district to run book studies, workshops, webinars, or other engagements to ensure your families are able to communicate mathematically with their children.

    • Assessment of Curricular Alignment or Systemic Structures

      We help with research and resources for selection, implementation, and alignment of curriculum. Whether you’re struggling to implement your current curriculum or looking to pick a new one, we can provide assistance. If teachers are developing their own materials our Center’s Assistant Director, Tina, as the author of Nix the Tricks is uniquely poised to ensure the strategies support understanding. 

    Save the Dates: Summer 2020

    Hone your practice, deepen your content knowledge, earn professional development points, and network with educators from all over.

    • June 30–July 2: Routines for Reasoning Institute.

      Educators and leaders of grades 4 - 10 learn how to transform students’ mathematical habits through specific instructional routines that lead to opportunities for all learners to develop powerful mathematical thinking skills.

      The Routines for Reasoning Institute is presented in collaboration with Fostering Math Practices. It features math education experts Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta, the authors of Routines for Reasoning. You and your team will learn, plan, and rehearse habits that will deepen understanding and knowledge, establish school-wide systems to support your learning, and more.

    • July 6–8: Math Content Coaching Institute

      Prospective coaches, active coaches, and administrators learn how to transform school cultures into multi-generational learning communities through mathematics content coaching.

      TheMath Content Coaching Institute is presented in collaboration with Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities. It is a powerful, research-based model designed to transform school cultures into vibrant multi-generational learning communities rooted in proven practices focused on improving student learning and academic achievement by way of enhancing teacher instruction.

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    Build Math Minds Virtual Summit

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    Proven Results

    Through external evaluation, our offerings have been shown to lead to an increase in student achievement and an improvement in student and teacher perception of mathematics.

    On average, teachers who take our courses show 88 percent growth in their knowledge of content, and their students’ state testing results indicate that they significantly out-perform their peers in both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of teacher effects. 

    Read a 2018 evaluation of the Center's work.

    The Center for Mathematics Achievement envisions a world in which mathematics is embraced by all who see and appreciate its beauty, its usefulness, and the opportunities it affords.