Lesley University manages the following Cambridge apartments:

17 21 Mellen Street
17, 19 & 21 Mellen Street

The three-story row houses that are 17, 19 and 21 Mellen Street date to 1858, with an 1897 addition and subsequent infrastructure modernizations throughout the years.  There are 6 units in the 17 Mellen Street address while 19 and 21 Mellen Street are two and three-family residences respectively.

49 Roseland Street
49 Roseland Street

This 6-unit, 3-story apartment building was constructed in 1869 and renovated in 1919 and 1951, with subsequent mechanical/electrical/plumbing upgrades throughout the years.

20 Wendell Street
20 Wendell Street

Originally constructed in 1856, this two-family Victorian has had a number of additions that predate 1900, bringing the total living area up to 2,464 square feet.  Each unit has two-bedrooms.

22 24 Wendell Street
22 & 24 Wendell Street

Conceived as a double house in 1869, this charming duplex has received subsequent modernizations throughout the years.  A total of 2,168 square feet is split between the two units on two and a half floors.

28F Wendell Street
28F Wendell Street

This three-story, 1959 brick apartment building contains 6,120 square feet of living area divided among 8 units.

37 41 Wendell Street
37-41 Wendell Street

Constructed in 1924, this four-story stately brick building is divided into two entries, containing a total of 32 units.

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