Lesley 2030

In the fall of 2017 we launched our strategic planning initiative: Lesley 2030. Lesley 2030 is a community-wide process of envisioning what Lesley might look like ten years from now, defining a set of aspirational goals, and using those to develop a series of strategic plans with accompanying plans for implementation and assessment for the years ahead.

Conversations that took place throughout the fall semester form the foundation for our work in the winter and spring as we move into strategy development and give voice, action, and structure to our strategic thinking.

Town hall sessions held in October highlighted accomplishments from our last strategic plan, provided relevant information about Lesley and the broader higher education landscape, described the process for this planning initiative, and set the stage for our envisioning work.

The envisioning sessions that followed in November focused on imagining what the world might look like in 2030 and how Lesley can best meet those needs as well as the needs of our future students.  .

Community-wide meetings in December offered an opportunity to hear about and discuss the ideas shared during the envisioning sessions, and served as a springboard for the conversations we are currently engaged in about future needs that Lesley might meet and what Lesley might look like in 2030.

Stay Informed

Check back for updates on our progress.

Members of the Lesley faculty and staff are encouraged to visit our SharePoint site, which can be accessed by using your Lesley credentials, for additional information about our strategic planning process. This site has been developed specifically to share information with the community, including summaries of feedback and survey results thus far, and support our ongoing work.

About the Office of Strategy and Implementation

The Office of Strategy and Implementation at Lesley University launched in January 2017, though the university has been committed to strategic planning for many years. With a focus on all elements of strategy, including analysis, planning, aligning, choice making, implementation plans, measuring, learning, and adapting, we are responsible for Lesley’s multi-year strategic vision and plan as well as the annual plans that support it. Working closely with the president and collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team and Cabinet, we seek to engage all members of the university community, including faculty, staff, students, board members, partners, and friends of Lesley, in strategic planning activities.

We offer resources to support the university’s capacity to identify strategic priorities and growth opportunities and seek to make available and synthesize data from internal and external sources and elevate its use to inform planning and decision-making. We provide partnership, analysis and advice to Lesley’s academic and administrative leaders as we strive to realize Lesley’s mission and prepare our students to effect positive change in the world.

Office of Strategy and Implementation Team

MaryPat Lohse, Ph.D.
Vice President for Strategy and Implementation

Milena Damianova
Business Intelligence Analyst

Michael Procopio
Executive Assistant

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