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At Lesley, we believe that sustainability is an essential part of our commitment to the future. We’re dedicated to easing the effects of climate change through waste diversion, energy conservation, and sustainable transportation.

Waste Diversion

We’re serious about waste diversion at Lesley. Since 2009, we’ve reduced trash per capita by 49 percent. To achieve these results, we’ve focused on waste reduction, recycling, and composting initiatives, including:

  • Installing water filling stations across campus
  • Introducing Zero-Sort Recycling bins
  • Reducing the number of trash bins
  • Ramping up sustainability awareness-building efforts
  • Creating composting stations in each of our dining halls

The compost we collect is sent to a farm on the North Shore of Massachusetts, where the organic waste is broken down and sold to New England farmers. Later, these farmers sell their produce back to universities like Lesley, creating a closed-loop waste stream.

Additionally, we've been honored twice for our commitment to improving sustainable food management practices by the EPA in the Food Recovery Challenge. We've cut the amount of food that ends up in trash dramatically.

Energy Conservation

We’ve joined hundreds of universities nationwide in signing the Carbon Commitment (previously known as the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment). This means we’re on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by 2030. Since beginning to monitor emissions in 2006, we’ve lowered output by 62 percent despite a 33 percent increase in campus square footage.

Sustainable Transportation

Public transit, biking facilities, and a walkable community make commuting to Lesley easy to do.

There are more than 300 bike parking spots across campus. We’re also strong supporters of Hubway, the Boston-area bike-sharing program. With more than 180 Hubway stations located throughout the city—including several on or within minutes of campus—it’s a convenient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to get around. Or, if you’re traveling longer distances, we provide discounted MBTA passes for students and pre-tax monthly passes for faculty and staff.

We also participate in the Green Streets Initiative Walk/Ride Day competition each year, and each month we highlight a Commuter of the Month from the Lesley community.

of students, faculty, and staff walk, bike, ride public transit, or carpool to campus
Green Streets Initiative 2013-16 Walk/Ride Day Competition
increase in compost tonnage in 2009–2015
Sustainability Coordinator

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