Fall 2020 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.

University Final Exam Calendar

Our interactive final exam calendar allows you to search final exam dates, times, and locations. You may also add exam information to your calendar and set up email or text message reminders.

Lesley University final exam dates, times, and locations may also be accessed via the "Section Information" screen on LOIS. For directions, select the drop-down menu below.

Please note, final exam information is unavailable during the summer semester.

  • Final Exam Schedule Information via LOIS

    Lesley University final exam dates, times, and locations may be accessed via the "Section Information" screen on LOIS. Please note that final exam schedule information applies only to CLAS and LUCAD Art History courses.

    How to Access Final Exam Schedule Information

    To access the Section Information screen, first log in to LOIS at www.lesley.edu/LOIS. Students should navigate to the "Students" menu via the link near the top right of the page. Faculty should select the "Faculty" menu:

    Lois examination information


    LOIS homepage highlighting faculty tab

    Next, select the link to view your class schedule. This may be found in the "Registration" section of the Students menu and the "Faculty Information" section of the Faculty menu:

    LOIS Exam Info 3


    LOIS Exam Info 4

    In the Class Schedule screen, select the semester or term for which you would like to access exam information:

    lesley LOIS class schedule drop-down menu

    Your schedule of courses will display on the next screen. Select a course's hyperlink to access the Section Information screen for that course:

    LOIS course waitlist

    You may view final exam information for any course in this manner. If your exam date, time, or location changes, this change will be reflected on the Section Information screen.

    LOIS Exam Info