COVID-19 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, all courses are now online and employees are working remotely.


Looking for a course? Consult our page on searching current course information on LOIS to learn how to search (and register) for courses. For our registration and add/drop/withdrawal forms, please see our forms page.

For information about our registration policies (audits, waivers, etc.), please see the following drop-down menu items. A list of Frequently Asked Questions for our "Manage My Waitlist" feature is located at the bottom of the page.

  • Auditing Policy

    You may not audit a course for which you intend to receive academic credit. The decision to take a course for audit or credit is determined at the time of registration and cannot be changed after initial registration.

    Although no credit is earned for a class taken as an audit, the cost to audit a course is equivalent to the cost of 1 credit. A grade of “AUD” will appear on the transcript for any course taken on an audit basis.

  • Graduate Course Waiver

    You may be able to waive a course requirement for content you’ve covered in your previous studies. In most cases, you’ll then make up the credits with an elective course selected in consultation with your academic advisor. Contact your academic advisor to initiate the waiver request process.

  • January Term and Summer Session

    Courses taken during the January Term are considered part of the Spring Semester and are open to all College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students who have completed the prerequisites. The credits for these courses go toward the total maximum allotment of 18 credits per semester. If a student is enrolled full-time for the Spring Semester and does not exceed a total of 18 credits for the spring, then there is no additional charge to take a January Term course

    Summer courses are not included in tuition for the academic year.

  • Reactivating Your Program

    If you’ve been away from Lesley for a year or more, you’ll need to complete a Student Program Reactivation. Contact your academic advisor for assistance.

  • Rejected Registrations

    If a registration is rejected for any reason (outstanding financial obligations, lack of payment, etc.) notification is mailed to the student. The student may not attend class until the Student Accounts Office has cleared the account and she/he is officially registered.

  • Retaking a Course

    You may retake a course to improve your GPA. While the grade of the first course will appear on your transcript, only the second grade will be counted toward the number of credits completed and will be used in computing the cumulative average. Students who retake a course are required to re-register and pay for the course.

  • Retroactive Registrations

    Lesley University policy does not permit retroactive registration. For on-campus courses, students must register prior to the second class meeting. Students registering for intensive courses (six or fewer class meetings) must do so before the course begins. Off-campus students should consult their site coordinators for registration deadlines.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Waitlists

    What are waitlists?

    A waitlist is a list that you can join to wait for an open seat in a course section. If no seats remain in the section, you can opt to join the course section's waitlist. If, or when a registered student drops the section, the vacant seat is made available to a student on the waitlist. 

    When are waitlists active? 

    Waitlists are active from the first day of registration through the last day of add / drop of a given semester or term. Note: Some departments may elect not to offer a waitlist for a specific course. When this is the case, an error message will appear in LOIS when you attempt to add to the waitlist. 

    How do I join a course section's waitlist? 

    When registering for a closed class, you have the opportunity to join a course section's waitlist. The course section status is denoted as either closed or waitlisted in the course schedule. When you attempt to add the closed or waitlisted class; you will be notified that the class is closed and if there is a waitlist available, you will have the option to add yourself to the list from the pull down menu.  

    How do I get into a course section from the waitlist? 

    Nightly, the system searches for open seats and sends electronic notifications to students who qualify for the open seats. Students will have until the date listed in the "Expire Date" column on their Manage My Waitlist screen to register for the available seat. If the expire date elapses without a registration, the student is removed from the waitlist and the available seat will be automatically offered to the next student on the waitlist. 

    Why am I not always offered a waitlist for a class?   

    Some things prevent the system from allowing you to join a waitlist: 

    • The course section doesn't permit waitlisting. (Check the Course Schedule to see if a class has one.) 

    • You don't meet the class's restrictions or the course's prerequisites. (The registration system will let you know this.) 

    • The waitlist is full. 

    • You must have at least one class on your schedule to join a list. 

    • You cannot join the waitlists for more than two sections of the same course. 

    How do I leave a list? 

    • You can drop yourself, from your Manage My Waitlist page via LOIS. 

    • You are registered into the course section. 

    Can I be stuck on a waitlist?  

     Yes, in a number of ways. 

    • By a full or canceled class. 

    • By a change to restrictions by the department. 

    • By a schedule conflict with time, maximum hours, or duplicate class. 

    If I waitlist a class, am I guaranteed a seat? 

    No. Joining a waitlist doesn't guarantee you'll be provided with an opportunity to register for the class; it's just a way for you to wait in line for an open seat. If a seat never opens up, you never leave the list. It's up to you to decide if you've waited enough, or if you need to drop the list and find another class. 

    How do I get notified about my waitlist classes?   

    Waitlist notices appear in two places; check them both regularly. 

    • Notices are auto-generated to your current email address on file with the University. Keep this address current, and check it often. 

    • Notices from the waitlist system itself are posted to your Manage My Waitlist page. Check it often, too. We send notices when you have been blocked from adding the class for various reasons or if you get added to the class. 

    What happens if I have a scheduling conflict with a waitlisted class?  

    The waitlist system cannot add you to a class if there is a time conflict. You will need to drop the alternate course section in order to register. 

    If I'm not sure I want a class, should I join its waitlist?

    Maybe not. By signing up for a waitlist, you've told us you want to add the class. If a seat opens up and you qualify for it, the system will grant you permission to register for the class and it will be added to your tuition and fee bill. So if you're not sure, don't join a list. 

    What do I do if the system won’t let me add myself to a waitlist because the class is restricted?

    Some classes are restricted to certain majors/degree programs. If you have a question about the restriction, contact the department offering the course. 

    Every single class I wanted to take this semester is waitlisted. What do I do? 

    Talk to your advisor. They can suggest alternative courses that will satisfy your degree plan.