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Ready to become a Lynx? We are still accepting applications, but housing and class registration are first-come, first-served.


Looking for a course? Visit our Course Catalog on Self-Service for real-time course information and to add or drop courses. For course search tips, please consult our Support Hub knowledge base articles on:

If you are unable to access Self-Service, you can find registration and add/drop/withdrawal forms on our forms page.

For information about our registration policies (audits, waivers, etc.), please see the following drop-down menu items.

  • Auditing Policy

    You may not audit a course for which you intend to receive academic credit. The decision to take a course for audit or credit is determined at the time of registration and cannot be changed after initial registration.

    Although no credit is earned for a class taken as an audit, the cost to audit a course is equivalent to the cost of 1 credit. A grade of “AUD” will appear on the transcript for any course taken on an audit basis.

  • Course Types

    Course Types

    Lesley offers four course delivery modes to fit the anticipated needs and desires of students and faculty. The following guide will help you identify each delivery mode when browsing the Course Catalog.


    In person with your instructor on the Lesley campus or in another location

    • Includes Hybrid options (a blend of face-to-face and online course meetings). Course sections will start with “HYB.”

    • Partnerships/teacher residencies meet in assigned locations.

    • Offerings are limited due to social distancing.

    • Look for course types: FMT—Face-to-Face or FMT—Hybrid Course.


    Delivered virtually

    • Synchronous: Attend virtual class meetings held at required scheduled times. Course sections will start with “V.”

    • Asynchronous: Independent learning—course content delivered fully online with no set meetings.

    • Look for course types: FMT—Online Synchronous or FMT—Online Asynchronous.


    Brief campus visits + distance learning

    • Visit campus for a 1-week or 3-week residency period of activities & lectures.

    • When not on campus, continue studies online with faculty.

    • Look for course type: FMT—Low Residency.


    Choose your own learning path

    • A flexible course structure allows students to choose either a partial face-to-face option or a fully synchronous virtual option.

    • Choose the format that works for you this semester.

    • Look for course types: FMT—HyFlex In-Person/Virtual or FMT— HyFlex Virtual Only.

    • Course sections will start with “H” and end in either X, Y, or Z.

      • X = attend in person day 1, virtual day 2

      • Y = attend virtual day 1, in person day 2

      • Z = attend virtually all sessions

    Not all courses will be offered in all delivery models. Cohort students will take courses together either off-campus or virtually. Please review all course details to learn about the course’s delivery options.

  • Graduate Course Waiver

    You may be able to waive a course requirement for content you’ve covered in your previous studies. In most cases, you’ll then make up the credits with an elective course selected in consultation with your academic advisor. Contact your academic advisor to initiate the waiver request process.

  • January Term and Summer Session

    January Term courses are part of the Spring semester and are open to all College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students who have completed the prerequisites. The credits for these courses go toward the total maximum allotment of 18 credits per semester. If a student is enrolled full-time for the Spring Semester and does not exceed a total of 18 credits for the spring, then there is no additional charge to take a January Term course.

    Summer courses are not included in tuition for the academic year.

  • Reactivating Your Program

    If you would like to re-enroll to resume your degree program, please complete the Re-Enrollment Form.

  • Rejected Registrations

    If a registration is rejected for any reason (outstanding financial obligations, lack of payment, etc.) notification is mailed to the student. The student may not attend class until the Student Accounts Office has cleared the account and she/he is officially registered.

  • Retaking a Course

    You may retake a course to improve your GPA. While the grade of the first course will appear on your transcript, only the second grade will be counted toward the number of credits completed and will be used in computing the cumulative average. Students who retake a course are required to re-register and pay for the course.

  • Retroactive Registrations

    Lesley University policy does not permit retroactive registration. For on-campus courses, students must register prior to the second class meeting. Students registering for intensive courses (six or fewer class meetings) must do so before the course begins. Off-campus students should consult their site coordinators for registration deadlines.