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Graduating Students

Graduation is on the horizon. You’re finishing your academic program requirements. You’ve told all your friends. Now it’s time to make it official by taking these important steps. Once you’ve completed these, you’ll be ready for the congratulations and confetti.


You’re eligible for graduation and allowed to participate in commencement activities if:

  • You have declared your intent to graduate by the appropriate deadline.

  • You have completed all degree requirements.

  • You have met all financial obligations to Lesley University.


  1. Check your unofficial transcript and your "My Progress" screen on Self-Service.
  2. Review your transcript and progress with your academic advisor.
  3. If eligible, submit your graduation application on Self-Service.
  4. On Self-Service, check User Options > Required Agreements and Financial Information > Student Finance > View Billing Activity to check for account holds and make sure your bills are paid.

May graduation candidates: expect to do accelerated coursework during the final semester. All grades, including outstanding incompletes, are due one week before graduation.

Transfer credit, life-experience portfolio credit, and course-waiver procedures are due before the beginning of the final semester before your anticipated graduation.


Lesley offers three conferral periods per academic year:

Graduation Date

Graduation Application Deadline

Completion Deadline

September 15, 2022 July 1, 2022 September 2, 2022
January 15, 2023 September 15, 2022 January 6, 2023
May 20, 2023 January 31, 2023 May 15, 2023 (12 p.m.)

Intent to Graduate

Declaring your intent to graduate by submitting a graduation application on Self-Service will place you in line for an academic audit. Once your audit is complete, the Registrar will let you know your status. Be sure to regularly check your Lesley email or the email account you use for Lesley communications.

A graduation application must be filed whether or not you intend to participate in the commencement ceremony.

  • How to Submit Your Graduation Application

    To submit a graduation application, log in to Self-Service and follow the steps below. If you prefer directions with screenshots, please visit our graduation application tutorial on the Support Hub.

    1. From the Welcome page, select Graduation Overview. You can also access the Graduation Overview from the navigation menu. Select the Academics icon (it looks like a graduation cap), then open the Academics drop-down menu. Press Graduation Overview.

    2. The Graduation Application page will load, with a table that displays your program of study, major, and application status. If you're eligible to submit a graduation application for your program, you should find an Apply link for your program in the Application Status column. Select this link.

    3. You'll be redirected to a page that asks you to select your graduation term, enter your preferred diploma name (and its phonetic spelling, if you'd like to provide it), and confirm your primary location. You'll also need to indicate whether you will or will not attend Commencement, provide your diploma mailing address, and tell us if you want your name included in the Commencement program.

    4. Press Submit.

    5. If you've completed the above steps successfully, Self-Service will display a green banner with the message: "Your graduation application has been successfully submitted." It will also confirm the email address to which your confirmation message was sent.

    6. A $75 degree completion fee will be automatically billed to your student account. It is due within 48 hours.


A $75 degree-completion fee is billed to your student account when you file your graduation application. It is due within 48 hours.

Late filing fee is $150. If you miss the deadline, you won’t be able to file online and must submit a late filing form. If you file late for May graduation, your name won’t appear in the commencement program.


If you don’t complete your degree requirements, your intent to graduate will be moved to the next conferral period. This deferral is allowed one time only. You must submit a new declaration of intent and a new fee will be billed to your account.

Minimum Attendance at Lesley

You’re not eligible for graduation during the same semester that you were admitted to Lesley. There must be a minimum of one full semester between official admission and the date of graduation.


Detailed information regarding Lesley's May commencement ceremonies can be found on the Commencement Office website. Information is emailed approximately one month prior to the event to all those who have submitted a Commencement RSVP.

Contact the Registrar's Office