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Student Employee Handbook

Here’s what you need to know if you’re working in a part-time Work-Study or Lesley Works job on or off campus.

  • Work Hours

    You can work up to 20 hours/week during the school year, and up to 27 hours/week during school breaks. You can have more than 1 job, if you want, to get the hours you need.

    Every job is different. Some positions have hours during the day, while others have evening and weekend hours. Talk to your supervisor and agree on the hours you’ll work each week. The first day you can work is the first day of classes.

    If you have a Work-Study job, you can’t exceed the maximum amount of funds you were awarded for the academic year. Keep track of your hours. We’ll also do our best to notify you when you get close to your limit.

    If you reach your Work-Study award limit, the department may have the funding to change the job category to a Lesley Works position so you can keep working. Discuss this option with your supervisor.

  • Time Cards

    Submit your hours online through Workday. If you have more than 1 job, you’ll need to send your secondary job’s hours to our Payroll Department separately on a paper time sheet. (Paper time sheet not available online. Ask your supervisor or Payroll Department.)

    You’ll get paid every other week.

  • Due Dates & Pay Dates

    Time cards received in payroll after 9:00 am on the due date will be considered late, and may be held for payment in the next payroll cycle. Scan and email paper time cards to Diana Leek at diana.leek@lesley.edu. (Do not send the original if you've already sent a scan.)

    Review the Payroll Department's Due Dates & Pay Dates.

  • Paychecks

    Enroll in direct deposit so your paychecks go straight into your bank account. Set up your direct deposit online through the Workday Self-Service Portal.

    If you don’t sign up for direct deposit, you’ll need to pick up your paycheck at the Payroll Office at 815 Somerville Ave., Cambridge each week. You can pick up your check during these hours:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 3:00 pm–5:00 pm
    • Thursday & Friday: 10:00 am–12:00 pm

    If you do sign up, your first paycheck will be a paper check. We’ll send it to your department, campus mailbox, or home address, depending on your preference. Once the bank has verified your direct deposit, access your future pay statements through the Workday Self-Service Portal.

  • Taxes

    Federal-Work Study and Lesley Works income is taxable. Federal Work-Study is exempt from FICA if you are taking a 50 percent course load.

    All students need to complete a W-4 form, and give it to the Financial Aid Office, before they can start working. The amount of taxes withheld from your pay depends on the exemptions you claim on your W-4.

  • Change of Name or Address

    Even if you submit a change of name or address to the Registrar’s Office, you still need to notify our Payroll Office of any changes.

  • Work Expectations

    Work-Study or Lesley Works jobs are no different than any other positions you may have had. Your supervisor and colleagues are relying on you. And, your supervisor can be a good reference in your job search after graduation.

    Here are some tips on how to make a good impression:

    • Do your job carefully, honestly, and to the best of your ability.
    • Maintain confidentiality.
    • Be on time.
    • Notify your supervisor in advance if you can’t work your expected hours.
    • Notify your supervisor if you can’t come into work because you’re sick or you have an emergency.
    • Make arrangements with your supervisor to make up any missed hours.
    • Let your supervisor know if you are having a tough time in the position.

    Having many absences and sloppy work could result in losing the job.

    Quitting a Work-Study job will not affect your future financial aid; however, if you decide to quit, you are required to notify your supervisor and Financial Aid Office of your decision.

Contact Moneisha Miller or Michelle Joella in the Payroll Office.