Student Jobs

Find a part-time student job on campus through our Federal Work-Study or Lesley Works student employment programs. From tutoring to clerical work to assisting in a lab, you’re likely to find a position that matches your interests.

Or, our Career Resource Center can help you find work off campus. Search the Center’s listings for an office job, temporary project, or other form of employment.

If you’re a graduate or doctoral student, apply for one of our paid graduate assistantships. Help faculty on a specific project for a stipend.

  • Federal Work-Study Jobs

    Federal work-study jobs allow you to earn money through an on-campus or off-campus job. You can use the money you earn for anything you need to—personal expenses, books, tuition, and more.

    Your financial aid letter will note if you’ve been awarded Work-Study funding, and the amount you may earn for the year. The program is available to U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens who have a financial need and have met criteria determined by the U.S. government.

    Once you’ve been awarded Work-Study funding, you’ll need to apply for a job on-campus or at an approved off-campus location. Our Work-Study and Lesley Works portal has a listing of all available jobs each semester with application guidelines.

    Things to know about Work-Study jobs:

    • The U.S. government pays 75 percent of your wages, and Lesley University (or the approved off-campus employer) pays 25 percent.
    • The university sets the hourly rate.
    • You can work up to 20 hours/week when classes are in session and up to 27 hours/week during January or Spring break, until you reach your maximum amount.
    • The maximum amount is $1,800/academic year.
    • You don’t have to earn the full award. But, if you decline the money and don’t show how you replaced the funds, our Financial Aid Office will assume you didn’t need as much aid as you got. Your future financial aid package may be reduced.
    • You may not use the funds for internships for academic credit.
  • Lesley Works Jobs

    If you didn’t receive Federal Work-Study funds, you can apply for part-time jobs on campus through Lesley Works.  International students may be eligible for Lesley Works jobs.

    Things to know about Lesley Works jobs:

    • The Lesley department you work for pays 100 percent of your wages.
    • The university sets the hourly rate.
    • You can work up to 20 hours/week when classes are in session (September to May) and up to 27 hours/week during January or Spring break.
    • There’s no maximum amount you can earn in a year, except for the limit of the department’s budget.
  • Apply for Work-Study & Lesley Works Jobs

    Apply for Work-Study and Lesley Works jobs through our online Student Employment Portal. The application process for both programs is the same.

    Our Financial Aid Office posts positions the Friday before Labor Day. We’ll email your Lesley account about how to apply.

    Fill out these 2 forms and give them to our Financial Aid office before you start working:

    1. W-4 Tax Withholding Form (PDF). Submit a new W-4 each year.
    2. I-9 Form (PDF) and supporting documentation, as explained on the form. Submit once, as a new student worker. International students submit a new I-9 each year.

    Lesley Works and Federal Work-Study jobs are for the academic year (September to May). If you want to continue working for the department through the summer, talk to your supervisor about the possibility of becoming a temporary employee.

  • Off-Campus Jobs

    Find an off-campus job through our Career Resource Center, for the academic year or the summer. 

    Search for and apply to jobs in the Center’s Lesley Career Connection. This is a different portal than the one you may have used to find Lesley Works and Work-Study jobs.

    Boston-area organizations looking to fill a range of jobs, and families looking for childcare and help in their homes, post positions in the Career Connection for our students and alumni.

    Apply directly to the organization or family that interests you. Connect with the Career Resource Center for help with résumés and any questions about part time off campus work.

  • Graduate Assistant Program

    Become a graduate assistant to gain skills related to your professional goals. Graduate assistants work with faculty and administrators in research, teaching, programming, and scholarship. U.S. and international students can apply.

    Schedule: Work 10 hours/week, October to May. The assistant and faculty member decide on the hours, usually Monday–Friday.

    Stipend: Earn $3,600/academic year, paid in 8 monthly installments of $450.

    Application Deadlines: Usually in the spring for the next academic year.

    Three Types of Graduate Assistantships

    Graduate School of Education Assistantships 2018-19

    • Open to graduate and doctoral education students who’ve been accepted into or are enrolled in a campus-based program.
    • Projects vary widely, and change each year. Past projects have included researching a student or teacher group, updating multimedia content for a course, and working as a gallery assistant.
    • Application Deadline: June 15, 2018

    How to Apply (PDF)

    Application Form (PDF)

    Project 1: Lesley University Women’s Center and Women’s Studies (Faculty: Direiter)

    Description: The Women’s Studies Steering Committee and Women’s Center is requesting a graduate assistant to provide support for staffing the Women’s Center, event planning, cross-university communication, links with student and community groups, etc. The graduate assistant is central to the operation of the women's center and to the academic and co-curricular programs developed and implemented by the steering committee.

    Qualifications: Strong organizational skills, ability to lead undergraduates, commitment to diversity and inclusion, especially with regard to multiple genders and sexualities.

    Project 2: Describing Teacher Sense-Making, Instructional Change, and Collaboration in the English Learner Teacher-Parent Certificate Project (Faculty: Burns, Schall-Leckrone, Wager)

    Description: This fall, we are beginning a study based on a five-year collaboration between Lesley and the Brockton Public Schools (BPS), with the goal of increasing teacher supports for family and community engagement in the schools to benefit English Learners. The graduate assistant will organize informed consent documentation from all participants and document missing informed consent forms, import participant information into a secure database, and transcribe digitally-recorded interviews.

    Qualifications: Experience in word processing, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint. Some prior experience with statistics and in using software to analyze quantitative data highly desirable, but training can be provided to interested candidates. Interest in working with culturally and linguistically diverse student populations is also preferred.

    Project 3: WonderLab (Faculty: Rauchwerk)

    Description: The graduate assistant will provide administrative and teaching support to WonderLab, a science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) based afterschool program for children in grades 1-6. Depending upon your skills and experience, your time will be divided among administrative tasks such as scheduling, budget monitoring, website, Facebook and blog oversight, staff supervision, managing materials and supplies, program and curriculum development, and teaching. WonderLab is held in University Hall and in the surrounding urban green spaces, including Alewife Brook and Mt. Auburn Cemetery.   

    Qualifications: Prior experience working with children such as an after school, summer camp, classroom aid or babysitter/nanny, interest in teaching through integrated curriculum, familiarity and comfort with using google drive and google docs, completion of EEDUC 5135 is a plus, Interest in learning how to meet the needs of all learners regardless of background and skill, commitment to culturally responsive education, organized and good at record keeping.

    Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences Assistantships

    • Open to all students, including low-residency students, who have completed 1 year of graduate study.
    • Projects vary widely, and change each year. Past projects have included an oral history project, research on women leaders, and research on the impact of arts programs on loneliness.
    • To apply: If offered, descriptions and application for the next academic year are posted here in the spring. Please note that we will not be offering graduate assistantships in the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences for the 2018-2019 academic year.

    Global Education Center Assistantships

    • Open to students in the International Higher Education and Intercultural Relations graduate program who have an interest in education abroad.
    • Work on projects in service to our goal in becoming a global university, including study abroad, international student support, and Global Education Center programming.
    • To apply: Email your résumé, 2 references, and a cover letter to by August 15. In the letter, discuss your interest in the position, how your skills or background would contribute to the role, and how the position would further your professional development.