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Guide for Off-Campus Employers

Our Career Resource Center can help you post a position where our students and graduates look for full- and part-time work—on Handshake.

  • Post a Job: Organizations

    To create a free account: https://app.joinhandshake.com/employer_registrations/new

    If you already have a Handshake account, add Lesley University to your list of selected institutions.

    Tips for Organizations on Posting a Job

    • This question is optional: “Tell us the type of students you would like to recruit."
    • For the “Industry” question, if you don’t see a good option, select “Other.” 
    • The best practice is to have one account for your employer (school system, company, non-profit) and then multiple contacts from various departments, programs, or schools.
    • Check your “junk” and “clutter” email boxes to see if Handshake emails are there.
    • If you have questions, Getting Started with Handshake: Employers is a helpful guide. If you review the article and still have questions, you can submit a support ticket to Handshake.
  • Post a Job: Individuals & Families

    To create an account, go to Handshake's new employer registration. You are prompted to use your work email, but it is best to use a personal email. If you already have a personal Handshake account, add Lesley University to your “Favorites.”  


    • If you haven’t created a company, click “Create New Company.”
    • This is a national database so your individual or family name may be taken. Try adding your town to your name.  For example, "Jones Family - Cambridge."  
    • For Type of Organization, select "Other."  
    • Briefly describe your family or individual needing a service in the “Organization Description,” but describe the job after you’ve entered information about the open position. 
    • For the required URL field, use your LinkedIn account URL or Facebook URL.
    • Select Lesley University as one of your “Favorites” before posting a listing.  
    • Indicate if the position is in person or remote. 
    • Looking for a tutor? include the subject areas and grade of your child.
    • Looking for elder care, childcare, or time-limited help? Include the responsibilities and specific days or hours you need. 
    • Check your "Junk" and "Clutter" email boxes to see if Handshake emails are landing there.  
    • If you need assistance, Handshake’s article, Getting Started with Handshake: Employers, may be helpful.  If you read the article and still have questions, click the “Submit a Request” link at the end of the article to contact Handshake Support.  
  • Career Fairs and Events

    The Career Resource Center hosts several career fairs each year focused on students completing their undergraduate or graduate degrees. Employers who best match students' career interests are invited to the fairs.

  • Internships

    If your position might be an internship, talk with our internship supervisors first. They’ll help you determine if it’s an appropriate internship for our students before you post it.

    • Art & Design Internships: Email Stuart Steck at ssteck@lesley.edu.
    • Undergraduate Liberal Arts and Sciences Internships: Email the Internship Office at internshiplc@lesley.edu.
    • Graduate Internships: Email the Career Resource Center at crcjobs@lesley.edu and they’ll put you in touch with the right office.
  • Federal Work-Study Program

    If your opening is with a nonprofit community organization, you can also apply to be a Federal Work-Study employer. If approved, you’ll be able to hire students who’ve received Work-Study in their financial aid, for part-time work. This is a great way for you to get some help, at an affordable cost, while giving a Lesley student a chance to learn and grow.

    Lesley’s Federal Work-Study funds cover 75 percent of the student’s wages, and your organization would be responsible for 25 percent.

    Application Process

    Complete 3 steps to apply to become an off-campus employer in our Federal Work-Study program:

    1. Complete our Off-Campus Contract (PDF).
    2. Fill out a Job Description Form (PDF) for each position you have. If you want to hire a few students for the same job, fill out one job description, and include the number of students you want to hire.
    3. Submit an IRS letter showing your agency’s nonprofit status.

    Send all forms to our Financial Aid Office:

    Lesley University
    Financial Aid Office
    29 Everett Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Fax: 617.349.8717

    Hiring Work-Study Students

    After we’ve accepted your application, our Financial Aid Office will post the job on the Lesley University Student Employment Portal. Our students use this site to look for and apply to Work-Study jobs. Review the applications in the system, and decide which students you’d like to hire.

    Before any students can begin working for you:

    1. The students have to fill out a W-4 form and I-9 form and give them to our Financial Aid Office. Once that happens, you’ll be able to hire them in the portal.
    2. Check with students you hire about the amount of their Federal Work-Study award, so you know the maximum they can earn for the year.
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