Fall 2020 Guidance
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Lesley students, alumni, faculty, and staff are making big things happen, from coast to coast and around the world.

Sarah Anderson-Granada
Sarah Anderson ’20
A layout from Sara Levine's book Bone by Bone - on the left a snake looks at a girl who has a body for a snake. It says "Snakes don't have arm or leg bones becuase they don't have any arms or legs." On the right, a boy with no nose and his legs are missing beneath his trousers - "What kind of an animal would you be if we took away your leg bones but kept your arm bones? Here's a hint: We'd also move your breathing holes from the front of our face to the top of your skull."
Sara Levine ’06
Lauren Pratt laughing in an arm chair with a guitar in her lap and a plant at her feet
Lauren Pratt ’20
"For an artist to be able to communicate with the world around them, they need to be consistently curious about it."
Sara Alfageeh ’18, Illustration
Rocky Cotard ’18

Drawing Inspiration from Heritage and History

For artist Rocky Cotard, returning to Haiti opened new avenues for self-discovery, expression, and discussing differences.

Yoga therapy at Texas-Mexico border
Shannon Lee volunteers with Casa de Paz SLV to support new immigrants and asylum seekers
Sarah Anderson-Granada
Global Studies student Sarah examines the cultural significance of Granada in Spanish and European history.
Lauren Pratt laughing in an arm chair with a guitar in her lap and a plant at her feet
After fire, expressive arts therapy student Lauren Pratt returns to music with 'Young American Sycamore.'
Woman in a pink blazer sitting on a bench in a classroom behind a woman playing the piano with sheet music.
Health challenges inspire classical singer and Educational Studies PhD candidate to raise disability awareness
students collaborating in class
Art & Design
Design for User Experience student connects research to application in her academic and professional life.
Three people wearing black aprons look into the camera
Art & Design
Digital Filmmaking senior directs his final project in a local grocery store, bringing the story he wrote to life.