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Lesley students, alumni, faculty, and staff are making big things happen, from coast to coast and around the world.

A former teacher and caseworker, Jana Karp created the Boston Youth Sanctuary for children and families impacted by trauma.
Jana Karp ’06
Jonathan Mande leads a drum workshop with elementary students
Jonathan Mande ’17
“I love creating a sense of community, joy, and high expectations—and getting kids somewhere they maybe didn’t think they could go.”
Sydney Chaffee ’07, 2017 National Teacher of the Year
Colleen Shannon ’04

Changing the Conversation on Death

Combining art with therapy, Colleen Shannon gives grieving children a healthy way to process death.

Mike Kaufman dribbles a basketball.
Former business management major and professional basketball player Mike has turned his insane jumps into a business.
Axie Oh MFA creative writing novelist
Young Adult (YA) novelist finds community at Lesley's MFA in Creative Writing program.
Brendan Aylward at Unified Health and Performance
Learn how special education alum Brendan creates a "community of acceptance" for athletes.
black and white photo of lead singer performing in front row of concert
Design alum, Jacob Bannon, spans industry and medium to epitomize the role of "life artist."
Jamie Greubel Poser portrait Olympic bobsledder
Bobsledder and education alum Jamie Greubel Poser aims for Olympic Gold in South Korea.
alum mfa in photo dan-baird-miller abstract photograph
A fascination with the handmade and a dedication to experimentation characterize this photographic artist's work.
Jenn Turner in the yoga studio
Jenn Turner ’09
Brain Axelrod on the farm
Brian Axelrod ’11