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Our Clients

The Threshold Lifelong Support Program focuses on adults 22 and older with diverse learning styles who live in the Cambridge area and could benefit from ongoing support services to live and work with confidence. 

Independent Living Skills 

Independent Living Coaches will help clients acquire the tools to live independently, safely and successfully. Areas of support may include proper nutrition, money management, self-care, access to numerous community resources, personal safety, and assistive technology. Using a person-centered approach and tailored assessments that can include family input, the coaches will create individualized programs for personal success.  

Social Well-being, Recreation and Community Engagement Skills 

Social Coaches will provide interested clients with structured and unstructured occasions for social engagement in the community and at home. This may include accessing local arts, entertainment, social and recreation activities, as well as learning and practicing individual social skills to help develop and strengthen personal relationships.  

Career and Academic Skills 

Career Coaches will offer career exploration, resume building and interview preparation, job-change guidance and hard and soft skills training, and using Threshold’s network of partnerships as a knowledge base. In addition, counsel on academic pathways and certifications for career development will be available.  

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