LOIS: Searching Current Course Information

  • Go to www.lesley.edu/lois. No need to log in, just click "current course information"
  • The results of your search will be the most up-to-date for your chosen semester.
  • Click on the section name/title to view more details on the course section, including the complete schedule, course description, and faculty contact information, when available.

To get a list of all the course sections for any semester, choose the term and location only. This is a very general search, and will take some time for the database to complete, so be patient. This returns all sections, regardless of academic level, discipline, subject, etc.

For additional assistance you may view our WebReg instructional videos, which demonstrate how to search and register for sections and explain the express registration process. 

If you prefer, you can also follow this written guide on how to register online (PDF).

Searching by:

  1. term: 16/FA (Fall 2016 Semester)
    discipline: ARTHIST – Art History
    meeting day: Wednesday
    location: MC – Main Campus
    Returns all College of Art and Design Art History courses that meet on Wednesdays in the chosen term
  2. term: 16/FA (Fall 2016 Semester)
    subjects: IAHIS – College of Art and Design/Art History
    meeting day: Wednesday
    Returns all College of Art and Design Art History courses that meet on Wednesdays in the chosen term (same as last example)
  3. starting on/after date: 09/21/16
    ending by date: 11/31/16
    location: MC – Main Campus
    instructor's last name: smith
    Returns all courses Professor Smith is teaching on the main campus during September, October, and November
  4. discipline: CREARTS – Creative Arts
    starting on/after date:  09/21/16
    ending by date:  11/31/16
    meeting day: Friday
    location: MC – Main Campus
    Returns all Creative Arts in Learning courses that meet during September, October, and November, on Friday (and any additional days), on the main campus, including weekend intensive courses that meet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  5. term: 16/FA1 (Fall 2016 Term 1)
    subjects: EEDUC – SOE Education
    course levels: 600 – Middle Level Masters
    Returns all 8-week/online courses for the chosen term with a subject of EEDUC and course number 6xxx, for example: EEDUC-6134 section 80 (Science Curriculum Designed for Understanding)
  6. term: 16/FA (Fall 2016 Semester)
    discipline: EDUCATN – Education
    location: C7 – Belmont Day School (Graduate School of Education Collaborative program)
    Returns for the chosen term all sections of education courses (EEDUC-xxxx) in the Graduate School of Education Collaborative program with Belmont Day School
  7. term: leave blank!
    starting on/after date: 9/1/16
    ending by date: 12/31/16
    location: ZZ Distance Learning (online courses)
    Returns all online courses meeting between the two dates.
  8. term: 16/FA (Fall 2016 Semester)
    course title keyword(s): pedagogy
    location: MC – Main Campus
    Returns for the chosen term all courses meeting on the main campus that have the word "pedagogy" in the course title. Please note that this is the least reliable search mechanism, because course titles often contain abbreviations.
  9. term: 16/FA (Fall 2016 Semester)
    sections meeting after: 16:00 - 4pm
    meeting day: Thursday
    Returns for the chosen term all courses meeting after 4:00 pm on Thursdays. This search will include courses that meet on multiple weekdays, so be careful choosing!

  10. January mini-semester:
    1. Consult our academic calendars for the date range of the January mini-semester (usually begins within 2 business days after New Year's Day and concludes the Sunday after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
    2. Look for the section of the search page that says "Starting On/After Date" and type in the mini-semester start date; in the "Ending By Date" field, type the mini-semester end date.
    3. You can still narrow your search using disciplines, subjects, locations, etc. This will keep your list to a much narrower grouping.
    4. Finally, when you're looking over the resulting list, be sure the section code on the course you choose begins with "J" (J1, J2, etc.). This will assure that you have a mini-semester course.