Links to Registrar's Office forms and form pages for students, alumni, staff, and faculty.

Faculty and staff please note: any electronic form that must be initiated by faculty and/or staff may be accessed via the following Sharepoint folder available here (requires login).

  • Diplomas and Transcripts
    • Diploma reprint request [PDF]
      Issued at the student's request in the case of name change or loss of the original document. Please see policy information regarding name changes. Submit to Student Administrative Services via the Lynx Solution Center at

    • Transcripts
      Policies/forms for requesting the various types of Lesley transcripts. Submit to Student Administrative Services via the Lynx Solution Center at
  • Enrollment Verification
    • Student/family enrollment verification [PDF]
      Request for enrollment verification for individuals. For third-party requests, please see the student information page. Submit to Student Administrative Services via the Lynx Solution Center at

    • Third-party enrollment verification
      Lesley University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verification to employers or background screening firms. For information or degree and enrollment verification, contact the National Student Clearinghouse at

      National Student Clearinghouse
      2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
      Herndon, VA 20171
      Phone 703.742.4200
      Fax 703.742.4239
  • Name and Address Changes

    Let us know right away of any change in your address. You can notify us in the following ways:

    All name changes must be requested in a letter or on the Change of Name and Address form. Email requests are not accepted.

    Current Students

    A name-change request must be accompanied by legal documentation, such as a court order or marriage license. The name change will be reflected on the student record, and a reference to the former name will be maintained for search purposes only.


    Name changes for alumni are handled as follows, with regard to transcripts and diplomas:

    • For a name change after graduation from Lesley, legal documentation must be provided, as above.
    • The name under which the student graduated from Lesley will remain on the transcript, with the exception of a former student who has undergone gender reassignment.
    • If it’s necessary to verify your credentials for another party, we suggest you provide that party with the same documentation of name change you provide to Lesley.
    • If you’d like an updated copy of the diploma, include with your name-change documentation a check for $50, a signed copy of the Diploma Reprint Request (PDF) form and either the original diploma, or a notarized statement that the original diploma has been lost or destroyed.

    Your new diploma may look quite different from your original.

    A statement will be included with the new diploma, indicating that it is a reissue and including the former name.

  • Registration

    Access forms to register, add/drop, or withdraw from a course.

    • Add/drop/withdrawal [PDF]
      Used to add or drop courses or change credits in a variable-credit class. Fill out and make a copy for your records until you graduate. Submit to Student Administrative Services via the Lynx Solution Center at Please only use if you are unable to use LOIS.

    • Registration [PDF]
      Used for walk-in/mail-in registration. Fill out and make a copy to keep for your records until you graduate. Submit to Student Administrative Services via the Lynx Solution Center at Please only use if you are unable to use LOIS.
  • Other Forms
    • Alumni discount request [PDF]
      Discount request information for alumni who graduated prior to 1989. All other alumni will automatically receive this discount (a 10 percent tuition reduction for most on-campus courses at the on-campus tuition rate) for eligible courses with a start date after their Lesley Commencement. The alumni discount does not apply to dual-degree programs that combine a master’s and bachelor’s degree. Contact the Student Accounts Office for additional information via the Lynx Solution Center at

    • Course waiver or substitution [Requires login]
      You may be able to waive or substitute course requirements in your program based on certain circumstances. These requests, if approved, do not change the number of required credits in your program. Contact your Advisor to discuss your options and initiate the process. 

    • Declaration of intent to graduate
      Forms/information for students preparing to graduate.

    • Independent Study course contract [Please contact your program for more information]
      The option to design and complete a suitable independent project that does not duplicate an existing course offering is available in most degree programs. Students wishing to register for an Independent Study must first obtain a faculty sponsor. Once a sponsor is acquired, an Independent Study Course Contract is completed by the sponsoring faculty member in consultation with the student and departmental leadership. After approval the contract is then forwarded to the Office of the University Registrar by the student for processing. Faculty and staff please note: the Independent Study Course Contract may be accessed via the Lesley Faculty Sharepoint folder.

    • Request for withdrawal/leave of absence [Requires login]
      For information on leaves of absence, see the University's Academic Policies page.

    • Study abroad course approval [Please contact your academic advisor for more information]
      For recording how your study abroad courses will count toward your degree requirements. Requires approval by Academic Advising, Financial Aid, and the Study Abroad Office.

    • Veteran's benefit eligibility
      The Veteran’s Administration has approved many on-campus Lesley programs for VA benefit coverage. Contact the Registrar via the Lynx Solution Center at for information about VA benefits.

    • Voter Registration Information
      The Higher Education Act Amendments of 1998 requires universities to make a good faith effort to make voter registration forms available to you.  For information on voter registration in Massachusetts, visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website at For Federal Voter Registration, visit the Election Assistance Commission website at