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International Student Housing

As an international student, you can choose to apply for on-campus housing or live off-campus in the local community.

On-campus Housing

Our campus is spread out over city of Cambridge, from the Harvard Square neighborhood all the way to Porter Square.

Home to world-class universities and multinational corporate headquarters, Cambridge also boasts a vibrant cultural scene, stunning parks and waterfronts, and open spaces.

Because of these attractions, the housing market is competitive. We strive to accommodate international students who wish to live on campus, but cannot always do so given limited space.

Learn about Lesley's on-campus housing options and policies.

Off-campus Housing

Be sure to check the Lesley Off-Campus Housing webpage for more detailed information.

Cambridge, Boston, and the surrounding areas (including Somerville, Arlington, Medford, Allston, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, South Boston, and East Boston) host large and diverse student neighborhoods.

You might choose to live with a local family (called a "homestay"), find a shared apartment with other students or young professionals, or rent your own place. We have suggestions for each category.

Homestay service:
Our Home Boston can connect you with friendly, convenient, affordable, and safe accommodations with a local family. Homestays offer an excellent balance between experiencing life in a "real" American household while also making friends with American students on campus.

Country-specific resources:
If you're interested in sharing housing with someone from your home country, these websites might be helpful.

General housing resources:

Safety Tips for Off-campus Housing

Finding a place:

  • If possible, visit the apartment or room before agreeing to rent it.
  • Ask a friend to come along to offer a second opinion.
  • Research neighborhood safety, the location of nearby grocery stores, laundry, public transportation, etc.
  • If you’re considering sharing an apartment with roommates, make sure your lifestyle is compatible with theirs.

Making payments:

  • Do not pay fees or rent before you sign a lease.
  • Make sure you fully understand your lease before signing.
  • Be prepared to pay first and last month's rent, as well as a deposit often equivalent to one month's rent.
  • Get everything in writing, including a copy of the lease, receipts of your security deposit and rent payments.


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