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International Student Forms

New Student Forms

Immigration and Financial Declaration Form: Your application for an I-20. Check the F-1 and Form I-20 Information page, found on this page's menu, before getting started and contact iss@lesley.edu with any questions.

Continuing and Recently Graduated Student Forms

US Address Update Form for F-1 StudentsUpdate your US Address within 10 days of each change in US address by submitting this form. The form will inform Lesley International Student Services to update your US address in the SEVIS database. In addition, you also need to take care of the following actions within 10 days of each change in address. 

  • Update your address and emergency contact information in Lesley’s Student Self-Service
  • Update it with USCIS by completing Form  AR-11 and keep a copy of it with your immigration records.
  • If you have a pending application with USCIS, please also follow the USCIS Change of Address Information page.

SEVIS Check-In/Registration Form: For all F-1 students to submit at the end of August & January and before the fall and spring semester start dates.

Reduced Course Load Request Form: All F-1 reduction of course loads must be pre-approved through issuance of a new I-20. Submit this form with each request and contact iss@lesley.edu for assistance. 

Extension of Program Request Form: For students who need to extend their I-20 end date. This form must be submitted 30-60 days prior to current I-20 completion date. Contact iss@lesley.edu for assistance.

Transfer Out Request Form: Submit this form with your transfer out request. Contact iss@lesley.edu for assistance.

Request to transfer to Lesley’s F-1 sponsorship from another school’s F-1 program: If you are already in the US, maintaining legal F-1 status, including OPT or STEM OPT, and wish to transfer to the Lesley I-20 sponsorship, please contact iss@lesley.edu immediately to schedule a zoom meeting to discuss your case. There are very strict timelines associated with an F-1 SEVIS transfer between schools. The Lesley International Student Advisor will review your case for SEVIS Transfer eligibility. This transfer option only applies for students accepted into a Lesley full-time in-person program. It does not apply to low-residency programs. If after meeting and reviewing your case, we feel that you are eligible for the Transfer I-20, we will provide additional information and relevant forms.

Low-Residency Student Check-In Form: Complete this legally required form within 48 hours of arriving in the US to attend your 1-2-week Low Residency program.

You will receive an email from iss@lesley.edu within 3 business days of completing the form to verify that your F-1 status entry is in order.

Travel Signature Request Form: Submit this form two weeks prior to travel outside of the US to request an I-20 travel signature. The form may be used by both current students and those on OPT. It is critical that you familiarize yourself with all aspects of travelling on the F-1 status. You must read the travel information on this page and on the Travel Information page, which can be found on this page's menu. Contact iss@lesley.edu with questions.

Going somewhere other than your home country? Check below and plan accordingly.

Check that country’s Embassy in the US to see if they require you to obtain a visa to enter their country. This even includes travel to Canada.

Check the CDC website for country specific COVID requirements.

Travel to Canada - Visit this website and answer a few simple questions to find out what you will need to enter Canada. If you have questions, contact the Canadian Consulate in New York. Contact iss@lesley.edu for assistance.

Check your I-94 within 48 hours of each entry to the US. This is a very important step. An explanation of the I-94 is on the Immigration Documents page of our site, including instructions on how to download a copy for your review.

Employment Forms (CPT, OPT & Post-OPT)

  • CPT Form and Instructions

    CPT: Curricular Practical Training Form

    This form is completed by the Lesley F-1 student requesting a CPT I-20. Follow the form instructions carefully.

    Visit the Department of State’s Study in the States  for detailed information on the  Curricular Practical Training (CPT) regulations.

    Be mindful of the following and contact iss@lesley.edu for additional information and to address any of your specific CPT Questions.

    1. F-1 students cannot engage in “any” off-campus paid or “unpaid” internship, practicum, or fieldwork before receiving a new CPT I-20 authorization. The CPT I-20 will reflect the site name, address, and if it is part-time or full-time.
    2. Your Lesley Academic Advisor or Internship Advisor approval for any of the above-mentioned off-campus experiences, does not count as legal authorization for an F-1 student.
    3. An F-1 student will ALWAYS need a new I-20 BEFORE engaging in any of the above.
    4. CPT I-20s are issued per semester. A student continuing in the same internship site or changing from part-time to full-time within same site will always need a new I-20 first.
    5. Receiving a salary, stipend, travel reimbursement or other similar type of payment without prior approval from our office through issuance of a new I-20 will be considered a violation of status and will make F-1 student INELIGIBLE for post completion work authorization (i.e., OPT, H-1B, etc.).

    Complete the above-mentioned CPT form when you are ready to apply for a CPT I-20. The Form will be routed to your academic advisor for approval. Please have a copy of your I-94 and your internship contract ready to upload with the form.

  • Post-Completion OPT Form and Instructions

    Applying for Post-Completion OPT is a five-step process.

    Step One

    Complete this online application form. Please read the form carefully to learn about the timeline and how to select a date for your OPT. This form will be routed to your academic advisor for a signature.

    Step Two

    Visit the Department of State, Study in the States website for detailed information on the Optional Practical Training (OPT) regulations. Contact the Lesley International Student Advisor at  iss@lesley.edu for additional OPT information and to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

    After you have met with the Lesley International Student Advisor and are ready to apply for OPT, complete the above-mentioned online OPT application form listed in Step ONE. The form will be routed to your academic advisor to verify your degree completion date. Once approved by your advisor they will route the form to the International Student Advisor to review and issue an I-20 recommending the OPT.

    Step Three

    Please follow steps 1 & 2 above to receive the I-20 from Lesley’s International Student Services recommending the OPT.

    Do not submit an OPT petition to USCIS without first receiving the OPT Recommendation I-20. Doing so will result in an automatic denial of your OPT petition.

  • OPT Employment Reporting

    Once you start working, you must remember to update Lesley's International Student Services Office through your SEVP Portal AND via the Lesley Post-OPT or STEM Employment Report Form (for students on Post-Completion OPT or STEM to make required employment reports). The latter is to request an updated I-20. The I-20 will be an essential part of an H-1B petition. Employment must be reported within the 90-day period from the effective date of the Employment Authorization Document (EAD). While on OPT, the student must report any of the following changes within 10 days. Student’s name or address, change in non-immigrant status, all employment related changes (which include starting a job, leaving a job, adding concurrent employment, change in job site, job title, supervisor changes).