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International Student Forms

New Student Forms

Immigration and Financial Declaration Form: Your application for an I-20.

Check-In Form: For new students to complete upon arrival at Lesley.

Continuing and Recently Graduated Student Forms

Transfer Out Request: For students who will be continuing their education at another institution in the US. Contact for assistance.

Extension of Program Request: For students who need to extend the end date on their I-20. Contact for assistance.

OPT Employment Report Form: For Students on Post-Completion OPT to make required employment reports.

Employment Forms

  • CPT Form and Instructions

    CPT: Curricular Practical Training Form

    Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a type of work authorization F‐1 students can use to do a job, internship, practicum, fieldwork, etc. that is directly related to their field of study.

    To be eligible for CPT, you must:

    • Have completed at least two semesters in F‐1 status, unless you are a grad student required to do your internship sooner
    • Be doing your internship for academic credit or as part of a degree requirement
    • Have an offer for a position that is directly related to your field of study

    The CPT form will be routed to your academic advisor for a signature. Please have a copy of your internship contract or internship offer letter as a PDF to upload to complete this form.

  • Post-Completion OPT Form and Instructions

    Applying for Post-Completion OPT is a five-step process.

    Step One

    Complete this online application form. Please read the form carefully to learn about the timeline and how to select a date for your OPT. This form will be routed to your academic advisor for a signature.

    Step Two

    Please gather these materials:

    • E-Notification of Application, USCIS form G-1145 (Optional).
    • Form I-765, typed, printed, and signed in ink. Your eligibility category is (c)(3)(B). It is your responsibility to correctly fill and file form I-765.
    • 2 brand new passport-style photos with your last name and I-94# printed lightly on the back in pencil. Place the photos in a small envelope.
    • A check for $410 made out to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”
    • Photocopies of all your previous I-20s.
    • A photocopy of your passport bio and visa pages.
    • Your I-94.
    • Photocopies of any previous EAD cards you have received.

    Step Three

    Once your online application has been received by Lesley's International Student Services Office, we will reach out to make a video appointment with you to go over your next steps. During that video appointment, we will review all of your materials and you will prepare a packet to mail to USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

    Step Four

    • USCIS form G-1145 (not needed if applying online)
    • Form I-765, with your check, and the envelope with your photos paper clipped to the first page
    • Photocopies of all previous I-20s, including your new OPT I-20, in reverse chronological order (your new OPT I-20 should be first)
    • A photocopy of your passport bio and visa pages
    • Your I-94
    • Photocopies of any previous EAD cards you have ever received


    Our office will provide information on both the OPT on-line and paper applications when we issue you the OPT I-20. Above documents are needed for either the online or paper application

    Mailing your application

    If you are using the US Postal Service, mail to:

    PO Box 805373
    Chicago, IL 60680

    If you are using FedEx, UPS, or DHL, mail to:

    Attn: 1-765 C03
    131 South Dearborn, 3rd Floor
    Chicago, IL 60603-5517

    Your application must be received at USCIS within 30 days of the day your OPT I-20 was created.

    Step Five

    A few weeks after you mail your application, you will get an I-797 receipt in the mail from USCIS. If you requested file form G-1145, you will receive email and text message notification as well. You should keep your receipt. OPT Processing can take 2 to 5 months. When it is approved, you will receive an EAD card in the mail. Once you receive your EAD, you must let Lesley's International Student Services Office know by scanning and emailing a copy of the card to You may not start working until you have received your EAD and the start date is reached. 

    If you do not receive your I-797 receipt within 4 weeks of applying, and if you do not receive your EAD within 90 days of applying, or you receive any other correspondence from USCIS (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services), please email us at

    Once you start working, you must remember to update Lesley's International Student Services Office through your SEVP Portal or via the Employment Report Form.