Center for the Adult Learner

We provide the coaching and support you need to finish your bachelor’s degree.

Whether you’ve been out of college for two years or two decades, we can help you earn your degree. We’ll work with you to create a manageable, affordable degree plan that:

  • Identifies college-level knowledge you already have—for credit
  • Transfers college credits you’ve earned from previous coursework
  • Fits with your professional goals
  • Pinpoints what you still need to learn

We’re specialists in working with adult learners. We offer academic advising and mentoring that builds your confidence and prepares you for success. Let us help you personalize your program, pace, and structure so that you get to the finish line.

Meet Our Team

Our advising team takes a personalized approach to degree completion, working with you from your initial planning meeting until graduation day.

Julianne Corey, Assistant Director of Academic Advising

College instructor. Holistic fitness trainer. Event manager. Julianne’s diverse background makes her passionate about Lesley’s interdisciplinary approach to learning.

She’s an advocate for forging your own educational path. She’ll help you make your education what you want it to be.

Contact Julianne at

Gene Ferraro, Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Gene has more than 36 years of experience working with adults in a variety of roles. More than 12 of those years have been at Lesley, advising adult learners.

When he’s not advising, you might find him teaching writing, human development, or management here as an adjunct faculty member.

Contact Gene at

Jennine Tambio, Director of Community College Partnerships and Advisor

Jennine has over 15 years of experience working in education and in human services. She teaches our Lives in Context course to prepare adult students for success.

When she’s not advising or teaching, you might find her at Bunker Hill Community College. That’s where she works with community college students who want to finish their four-year degree at Lesley.

Contact Jennine at

Farrah Bruny Brown, Assistant Director of Community College Partnerships and Advisor

Farrah knows that building meaningful relationships with students makes a big impact.

It's something she's learned from her past personal and professional experiences as a nontraditional student. These experiences have also fueled her passion for social justice action and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

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Jen Serowick, Assistant Vice President for Adult Learning Programs

Jen oversees Lesley’s programs and services geared towards adult learners.  

She's passionate about creating pathways and eliminating barriers for adults to finish their bachelor’s degrees and pursue whatever they dream of for their lives.

Contact Jen at

Esther Takor, Administrative Assistant and Transfer Credit Specialist

Esther is the first person you'll likely interact with when you walk in our front door or call our main number.

Esther knows…or can find the answers to any of your questions and is dedicated to assisting students in any way she can.

Contact Esther at