Register for Courses

You’ve looked over Lesley’s outstanding course offerings and you have an idea of the ones you want. Naturally, you’ll want to register for courses as soon as registration opens—they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Dates

You’ll find registration and other important deadlines listed in the academic calendar

Lesley Online Information Service (LOIS)

You can search for courses, schedules, and more on the Lesley Online Information Service (LOIS). LOIS is a secure online service that gives you access to your Lesley administrative and program information. This is where you’ll do everything connected to registration and much more.

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials will guide you through the steps to find courses and register online using LOIS.

If you prefer, you can follow this written guide on how to register online (PDF).

Course Web Number

Every course has a 5-digit web number, which identifies it for quick online registering. You can find the course web number when searching in LOIS, under Section Name and Title. For example, in the entry below, the number inside the parentheses is the web number:

IAHIS-1200-01 (85922) Art of the Western World I

Registration Using LOIS

You’ll need your university username and password to register. You’ll also need the course web number (above) to use Express Registration.

January Mini-Semester Courses

The best way to search LOIS for on-campus courses taking place in January is with dates. Go to the “Starting On/After Date” and “Ending By Date” fields and enter the dates of the January mini semester.

Course Descriptions

You can find them in LOIS, and also in the Undergraduate and Graduate academic catalogs.

Add or Drop a Course

You can add or drop courses during the Add/Drop period using LOIS. See the academic calendar for the dates.

Wait List

If a course is full, you can add your name to the wait list by using LOIS or through the Registrar’s office. Wait lists are reviewed throughout the registration period, and you’ll be notified about your status.

Registration Hold

A hold may be placed on your registration because of payment or financial aid issues, or because you need to complete health insurance or immunization requirements. For financial questions, contact the Student Accounts Office. For inquiries about immunization, contact the Student Life Office. Students may not attend class until they’ve cleared their account and are officially registered.

Withdrawing from a Class

Withdrawals are done through the Registrar’s Office using an Add/Drop Form (PDF). You’ll need to officially withdraw from a course, in writing, to qualify for a refund. See the Tuition Refund Policies for on-campus, off-campus, online, and PhD programs.

Full-Time/Part-Time Status

For financial aid purposes, part-time status is considered to be at least three (3) credits per semester, and full-time is nine (9) credits or more.

Retroactive Registration

Lesley University policy does not permit retroactive registration. For on-campus courses, you must register before the second class meeting. If you’re registering for an intensive course (six or fewer class meetings), you’ll need to do so before the course begins.

Off-Campus Graduate Cohort Programs

If you’re participating in one of Lesley’s off-campus graduate cohort programs, you don’t have to register for individual courses. Instead, you fill out an auto-registration form at the first class meeting, and we take care of the rest.

The auto-registration form is a contract with Lesley University in which you agree to pay for each course that is scheduled for the duration of the program.

Cohorts move through courses in sequence, so we don’t advise dropping a class. If you must drop a class, speak with your advisor about alternative ways to complete the course. You may be able to join a nearby cohort and complete the course at a different time. Other options may include a course substitution or taking the course on campus or online.

If dropping a course is unavoidable, you’ll use the Drop/Add Form (PDF) on LOIS to make it official. We recommend doing this without delay, so that you won’t be billed for the course and it won’t show up on your official transcript. Until you do, you’re responsible for all related tuition and fees.

LOIS Hours of Availability

LOIS is unavailable from 1:00 am to 4:00 am EST, when we perform system backups. Additional service interruptions may be scheduled for system upgrades and maintenance. Whenever possible, we will notify users ahead of time through announcements on the LOIS login page.

Contact the Registrar's Office