Computer Requests

New Hires

Computer requests for new hires are done through the requisition process with Human Resources. As with electronic account issuance, requests must come from Human Resources.

Employees Changing Departments

Employees will be issued another computer if changing departments. If an employee wishes to retain his/her current computer, approval needs to be sought from the supervisor of the department from which the employee is leaving.


Historically computer upgrades have been a cumbersome process by which a department was required to request an evaluation of all the computers to determine upgrade eligibility based upon the age of the asset.  In most cases, computers 3 – 4 years of age were eligible for replacement based upon budgetary funding availability.  Due to the feedback received, we’ve decided to do away with this process so that the community will proactively receive upgrades without the need to submit any forms.  IT will prioritize new computer deployments by working backwards from the oldest upgrade eligible computers to the “newer” systems, with the focus being on computers used by core-faculty and staff. Read the Upgrade Policy on the Support Portal.