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Accessing Your Alumni Benefits

As a graduate of Lesley University, you are eligible for several benefits, including discounts on car insurance and rentals, pet insurance, Lesley graduate tuition, and more. You can also use some of our facilities—including the fitness center, Career Resource Center, and the library—as well as attend our events.

Getting Started

Since many of the benefits require that you have a Lesley email address or an Alumni ID card, we recommend you start there. Both are free and easy to get.

hand on laptop computer

Activate Your Lesley Email Account

A Lesley email address makes it possible for you to access certain discounts. Learn how to get a Lesley Alumni Email account.

    If you graduated in 1987 or before, contact the Alumni Relations Office at to request an email account and we'll guide you through the process.

    If you graduated in 1988 or later:

    1. Email Information Technology at, requesting an alumni email address. Include your full name, graduation year, and the program you completed.
    2. They will respond with details on how to log in.
    view of Sherrill library

    Get Your Alumni ID Card

    You'll need an ID card to access our facilities, such as our libraries and fitness center. Once our campus has reopened, per COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, we'll resume printing Alumni ID cards.

    1. Come to our Public Safety Office at 34 Mellen Street, Cambridge (Doble Campus) with a government-issued ID. The Office is open 24/7 and you do not need an appointment. 
    2. The Public Safety Office will print your ID. We do not mail IDs for security reasons.
    3. If you graduated in 1987 or before, because these years predate our electronic database system, contact the Alumni Relations Office at to request an ID before coming to campus. 
    4. If you can't come to campus, contact the Alumni Relations Office at

    Now that you have your Lesley email address and Lesley Alumni ID card, you can start to enjoy these benefits.

    Discounts on Products and Services

    • Bookstore Discounts

      In partnership with Barnes & Noble, the Lesley University bookstore offers discounts on merchandise through its loyalty program.

      Fill out this online Barnes & Noble College form to begin receiving discounts.

    • Car Rental Discounts

      Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental

      To redeem this discount:

      1. Log onto Enterprise or National.
      2. On the rental form, enter Lesley's customer number in the Account Number field: XZ10788


      Zipcar Membership and Fee Discounts

      Zipcar is a car-sharing program where you can reserve a car online for short periods of time—from an hour or two to run errands, to a weekend getaway. Pick up and return the car at a location near you.

      Visit Zipcar: Universities to learn more.

    • Cell Phone Discounts

      We offer a discount on Verizon Wireless monthly cell phone plans. Lesley alumni receive 15 percent off access service fees at Verizon. This discount doesn't require a new contract. Sign in to your Verizon Wireless account to apply the discount.

      Verizon customers can get started now. You'll need to use your Lesley email address.

    • Computer & Technology Accessories Discounts

      Take advantage of the Lesley alumni discounted rate on computers, accessories, and software.


      GovConnection is a university preferred vendor for computers and peripherals. Take advantage of discounted pricing by ordering from Lesley's page on the GovConnection's site. Use your Lesley email address to set up an account.


      CDW-G is another preferred vendor. Browse CDW-Gs discounted deals on computers and software.

      Apple Education Pricing

      Get discounts on Apple products by purchasing through the Apple Education Portal. Have your Lesley email address ready.

      For most Apple products, you can receive a 4 percent discount off the retail price for a desktop or laptop computer. This discount does not apply to iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, and other accessories.

    • Hotel Discounts
    • Insurance Discounts

      Embrace Pet Insurance

      Nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage. Lesley alumni receive 10 percent off Embrace's monthly plans and 15 percent off annual plans.

      Get an Embrace Pet Insurance quote. Enter this code: 80052162

    • Tuition Discounts

      Alumni Discount

      Looking to further your education? Benefit from a 10 percent discount off most Lesley on-campus graduate courses.

      Lesley Dividend for Graduate School

      If you earned your bachelor’s degree at Lesley, you’re eligible to get 12 free credits toward your Lesley master’s degree. We'll apply the award to your tuition over 2 semesters. You’ll get 6 credits of free tuition in your first semester, and 6 free credits in your last semester of graduate study. You can even use the Dividend toward an already-discounted dual bachelor’s and master’s degree program, for an even bigger bargain.

    Access to Facilities, Events, and Other Opportunities

    Alumni have limited access to certain buildings on the Lesley campus. Please find the following guidelines regarding what facilities and other opportunities alumni may access.

    • Alumni Events

      Attend receptions, lectures, community service events, art exhibitions, reunions, and more.

      Find our full calendar of events.

    • Career Resource Center Access

      Edit your résumé, get career counseling, and find a job with help from Lesley's Career Resource Center.

    • Fitness Center Access

      Lesley's fitness center, located at 30 Mellen Street, Cambridge (Doble Campus), is currently not available to alumni. COVID protocols remain in place and alumni cannot access the fitness center. We will review the protocols for the Fall 2023 semester.

    • Library Access

      Lesley graduates currently do not have access to our Sherrill Library, located at 89 Brattle Street, Cambridge. COVID protocols remain in place and alumni cannot access the library. We will review the protocols for the Fall 2023 semester.

    • New Teacher Community for Education Alumni

      To assist recent Lesley undergraduate and graduate education program alumni as they navigate the first few years of their teaching careers, Lesley's Graduate School of Education created a support system called the New Teacher Community.

      The Community offers professional development, mentoring, enrichment grant funding, and interactive small-group sessions to support novice teachers, helping them to stay and flourish in the profession.

      Learn how the New Teacher Community can benefit your teaching career.

    • Alumni Referral Scholarship

      Lesley is starting an Alumni Referral Scholarship to attract and identify prospective students who would benefit from a bachelor’s degree at the university. The $1,000 Alumni Referral Scholarships are available to incoming undergraduate students beginning in the Fall of 2024 and are renewable for four years as long as the student is meeting minimum academic standards. Students are only eligible to receive one scholarship if they are referred by multiple alums.

      If you are a Lesley alum and know someone who was born to be a teacher, counselor, social worker, artist, designer, business leader or change agent, make it easier for them to pursue their career and refer them to Lesley using this form. They can apply as graduates directly from high school or transfer from another college or university.

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