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You've already earned 12 free credits toward your Lesley master's degree. 


You’re a proud graduate of Lesley University. That alone is special. But you’re also the type of person that never stops learning, growing, and moving forward. You’re why we created The Double Lynx Scholarship—12 free credits toward any master’s program Lesley offers.

And it’s worth up to $13,000, depending on the program.

It’s an opportunity you don’t get at most universities, and if you’re looking to advance in your career, or change it, this is truly an opportunity you owe it to yourself to explore.

Your questions, answered.

  • Am I eligible?

    Simply put, if you have an undergraduate degree from Lesley University, you’re eligible for The Double Lynx Scholarship. This includes everyone from brand-new graduates to those who earned their degree decades ago.

    And, if you're a current undergraduate student looking to go straight into a master's program, or you want to begin to earn your master's degree concurrently with your undergraduate degree, The Double Lynx Scholarship may be an option for you, too.

    Please note, that if you earned your undergraduate and master’s degrees with Lesley before the revised The Double Lynx Scholarship program was launched in 2017, we cannot retroactively apply the scholarship to you.

  • Which degrees can I put it toward?

    The Double Lynx Scholarship can be applied to any master’s program offered at Lesley, including all Education programs, Mental Health Counseling programs, Expressive Therapies, Mindfulness, International Higher Education, MFAs, our Master of Social Work, and our Master of Business Administration.

    The Double Lynx Scholarship cannot be applied to graduate certificate programs or PhD degrees.

  • How do I apply for the Double Lynx Scholarship?

    You don't. If your undergraduate diploma says Lesley University on it, that's all you need. There's no minimum GPA required, either.

    If you're a Lesley undergraduate student, talk to your advisor about how you can incorporate The Double Lynx Scholarship into the future of your education.

  • Can I combine The Double Lynx Scholarship with other tuition discounts?

    No. If you're taking advantage of The Double Lynx Scholarship, you may not combine it with other discounts or scholarships.

    However, for undergraduates who plan on enrolling in or are currently enrolled in an accelerated bachelor's + master's program, The Double Lynx Scholarship will apply, ultimately giving you an even bigger savings.

  • How is The Double Lynx Scholarship applied to my costs?

    It's applied directly to your bill. You will receive 6 free credits in your first semester, and 6 free credits in your last semester.

If you'd like to know a little more about The Double Lynx Scholarship and how it can help you continue your education and change your career, fill out this form and we will be in touch.