Graduating with a master’s degree is a surefire way to snag higher paying, more specialized positions early on in your career.

Our affordable dual degree and accelerated master's programs transition you into our nationally acclaimed Graduate School of Education or Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences as an undergrad, and put you on track to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in as few as five years.

Not to mention, you could save up to 85 percent on your graduate tuition. Need more reasons to apply? Read on.

Why consider a dual degree?

You'll save time.

Knock out required grad courses as an undergrad and complete both degrees in as few as five years, and you won’t have to worry about taking time off of work to return to grad school later on.

You'll save money.

You'll take graduate-level courses in your junior and senior years, which are included in your undergraduate tuition. If you earn your bachelor’s degree from Lesley, you also qualify for 12 free graduate credits through The Lesley Dividend award. As a result, dual degree and accelerated master's degree students save about 43% to 85% on their graduate tuition, depending on the program.

You'll open doors.

With a master’s degree, you’ll have the skills and real-world experiences you need to qualify for a wider range of opportunities. By choosing to specialize in a new area, such as English as a Second Language, nonfiction writing, or human resources management, you’ll create even more possibilities.

Up to 85% less money
how completing a dual degree or accelerated master's could help you save on tuition
5-6 years
the average time it takes to complete an accelerated dual degree
the amount most Lesley bachelor’s degree students who earn their master’s degrees here will save through the Lesley Dividend

Explore dual degree and accelerated master's degree options.

We offer accelerated bachelor’s/master’s degree programs that span academic areas across our Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences and Graduate School of Education.

In a dual-degree program, you'll receive both degrees at the same time (one diploma) once you complete the requirements for the master's degree program. In an accelerated master's degree program, you'll receive your bachelor's degree once you complete the requirements for the undergraduate program and you'll receive your master's degree once you complete the requirements for the graduate program.

  • Business Management

    While working on your BS in Business Management, you’ll transition into our online MS in Management program in your senior year or our online MBA program that is launching in Fall of 2020. By earning two degrees, you’ll further specialize in general or nonprofit management and have a wider range of professional opportunities right after graduation.

    Learn more about accelerated master's degree programs in Business Management.

  • Counseling

    We offer several dual-degree programs for undergraduate students majoring in counseling. Transition into our graduate programs in Counseling Psychology (no specialization) or Counseling Psychology: School Counseling (both 48 credits). Or, continue on in a licensure-oriented program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (60 credits) where you can specialize in Holistic Studies, Trauma Studies, or School & Community Counseling.

    You’ll earn two degrees as well as the additional hands-on experience needed to practice in the field or qualify for your license as a clinical mental health counselor.

    Learn more about dual-degree programs in Counseling.

  • Creative Writing

    Be immersed in the world of writing, challenged to take your work to the next level, and mentored by expert faculty along the way. In your senior year, you’ll transition into our MFA in Creative Writing.

    Learn more about the BA/MFA in Creative Writing.

  • Education

    Choose from more than 10 accelerated master's degree programs in education. Complete your BA, BS, or BFA in select programs and then transition into one of the accelerated M.Ed. programs in our Graduate School of Education. Gain advanced expertise in areas ranging from art education to special education to teaching English as a second language. Get the knowledge and experience you need to earn your teaching license and lead your own classroom.

    Learn more about accelerated master's degree programs in education.

  • Expressive Therapies

    Explore the many ways that creative expression can improve others’ health and well-being through one of three accelerated dual degree programs in Expressive Therapies. You’ll earn BS and MA degrees, progress as an artist, and gain the clinical experience needed to become a licensed mental health counselor as well as a registered art therapist or expressive arts therapist.

    Learn more about dual-degree programs in Expressive Therapies.

  • Global Studies / International Higher Education

    This accelerated program combines the curriculum of the undergraduate Global Studies major with our master's degree program in International Higher Education. You'll earn two degrees and be ready to engage in meaningful ways with diverse communities and across cultures.

    Learn more about the BA Global Studies/MA International Higher Education.