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Pre-Practicum: Early Field Experience

In your Initial licensure program, you’ll participate in a pre-practicum field experience to become familiar with the classroom environment. Observing and participating in the classroom will give you exposure to the routines, curriculum, and activities that are part of the school day. It also prepares you for your practicum. It is a requirement that, along with several others, must be fulfilled before you begin your student teaching practicum at the end of the program.


Once you’ve completed your pre-practicum hours and required coursework and passed the necessary Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs), you’ll be ready for your practicum. This is a full-time, full-semester experience, and is accompanied by a weekly seminar.

All pre-practicum and practicum placements are done in conjunction with our Field Placement Office and will be set up in a classroom appropriate to the license you’re seeking.

We offer two exciting alternatives to the typical semester-long practicum.

  • Summer/Fall Split Practicum

    For candidates in Early Childhood, Elementary, Moderate Disabilities, Visual Arts PreK-8, or Specialist Teacher of Reading* initial licensure programs.

    This is a two-part practicum that begins with seven weeks in summer at a Cambridge school and another seven weeks in fall at another Massachusetts school. *For Specialist Teacher of Reading candidates, the summer experience will fulfill the entire practicum requirement.

    The summer experience is in the Summer Compass Program, a dynamic summer camp-style setting with 125-150 Cambridge students from a variety of backgrounds who are selected so as to insure racial/cultural balance, citywide attendance, and representation of special needs students. Each classroom has a team consisting of a mentor teacher and up to three student teachers.

    The program has a theme, and each class designs a related curriculum that emphasizes activity-based learning in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts. Other program components include using the Lesley Makerspace, field trips, and library. Student teachers in the reading program serve as language arts consultants to the classrooms and work on whole-school activities.

    Student teachers are supervised by Lesley supervisors, who are on site several days a week. Weekly 2.5-hour seminars are held on site for student teachers, to reflect on their teaching and discuss issues related to the program and their licensure areas. Read about the 2016 Summer Compass experience.

    If you’re interested in joining us next summer as a student teacher, please call 617.349.8399, or apply here.

  • Year-Long Paid Internship

    For candidates in applicable Early Childhood, Elementary, Moderate PreK-8, English as a Second Language, or Visual Art PreK-8 Initial licensure programs.

    For this type of internship, you spend a full academic year working as an intern in a public school in Cambridge, Brookline, or Newton. You can complete all of your required field experiences while earning a stipend and immersing yourself in a school community. One semester of the year will be your final practicum, with an accompanying seminar. Students must meet all practicum requirements prior to entering their practicum semester.

    In general, interns begin working in their schools before the children arrive in September, and remain until the last day in June. During that time, you join in all aspects of classroom and school life, and work collaboratively with highly skilled mentor teachers.

    Our students tell us that exposure to a full year of curriculum, classroom management, and teaching experience enhances their learning experience and prepares them for their first teaching role. Lesley’s Career Resource Center reports that many school hiring officials have preference for candidates who have had completed full year internships, due to their breadth and depth of experience with children, colleagues, and parents. Contact the field placement office for more information.

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