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Majors 9 Programs

Bachelor of Arts

On Campus
On Campus
Guide children’s playfulness and creativity as you discover cutting-edge approaches to teaching children in pre-kindergarten through second grade. Encourage their earliest stages of learning and development and help set a solid foundation for success in school.
On Campus
On Campus
Cultivate the creativity, knowledge, and real-world experience needed to lead Grade 1–6 classrooms. Discover cutting-edge teaching approaches that make learning engaging for every student.
Create a personalized plan of study based on your specific interests and chosen professional path. You can choose from areas of focus that prepare you for the job you want, including developmental psychology, human services, business management, and more. Through your chosen coursework, you’ll learn skills that make sense for where you want your career to take you.
Earn your Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in liberal studies with a completely customizable area of study. This is a perfect opportunity to design a program of coursework that is specific to your background or individual goals.
On Campus
On Campus
Capture the imagination and attention of students in grades 5-8. Become an expert on the adolescent mind. And gain the skills and experience to engage this challenging age group with confidence and creativity.
On Campus
On Campus
Inspire high school and middle school students to discover their strengths and passions. Guide them in building a foundation for successful learning and future careers. And gain confidence in your knowledge and skills as a teacher.
On Campus
On Campus
Discover how to make education accessible and engaging for PreK–8 students who have diverse learning styles and needs. Gain the skills you need to become a confident, inclusive, and empathetic teacher.

Bachelor of Science

Take courses at the Bunker Hill Community College campus and complete your bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies through Lesley University. To be eligible, you must have completed an associate’s degree.
Prepare for a career working with young children or enhance your current teaching with our bachelor’s degree completion program. Specialize in infants and toddlers, children with special needs, preschool, or integrated teaching through the arts.

Minors 2 Programs


If you want to add teaching to your studies, but you’re unsure about working in a classroom, then a minor in education is ideal. You can test out different career paths in education without having to commit to a full-time degree in the field.
If you’re a Global Studies major who is interested in teaching English as a second language in international settings, then this is the minor for you. You’ll study the process of acquiring a second language and develop culturally responsive learning strategies.

Certificates 1 Program


Learn about common intervention strategies for children and families in transition. You’ll also get first-hand experience with internships in local social service agencies.